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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 10:42

Göktürk-2 10 thousandth Completes Tour

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Turkey's first domestic high-resolution reconnaissance-observation satellite Göktürk-2 , finished in polar orbit around 10.000'inc round the world as of November 01 , 2014.

Ankara news: In a statement from the Photo Chief of Staff , December 18, 2012 in orbit past week eye Göktürks-2 satellite of Turkey in the space sent into space by stating that successfully completed the transition 10.000'inc \"Within two years , the Air Force depends on the Command Ahlatlıbel-with Discovery satellite Battalion satellite ground Göktürks-2 satellite from stations located in the Headquarters in Ankara established communication about 4000 times and was conducted with more imaging task success than 4800 pieces. during this time, Turkey was greeted image request of the Armed Forces and public institutions around the globe made imaging of the area 9.85 million sq km area has been covered . covered if of 1,650,000 km² part of this area is located on Turkey, \"the statement said.
Sun Göktürk-2 satellite earth's surface from 685 km in altitude recorded is placed compliant Trajectory said:Photo \"a tour around the world is complete in 98 minutes. Satellite communication is established with the day and time variables in the two periods and a total of 5-6 times , including at night. Gokturk-2 Satellite ; spot , wide area , strip and stereo imaging capabilities to take images from all over the world and communicate with the cone in the ground station is capable of transmitting capability . Developed and produced by domestic sources Göktürks-2 satellite viewing in respect of any point on Earth is not any international restrictions in question. Also Göktürks-2 satellites ; the capacity to download about 640 km long and 20 km wide strip of an image in a single pass has a high-speed data communications. Development of local capabilities flight Göktürks-2 satellite health data using computers and computer software , in the framework of the planned lifetime value has remained at normal levels . \"

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