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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 19:27

Golden Orange Erzincan

Golden Orange Erzincan
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This is the first in 51 years , held at the National Inter-Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival ; directed and senaristliğini Erzincanli Kutluğ Ataman his \"lamb \"film, the best film award , especially for best actress ( Nesrin Cavadza ), the best supporting actress award ( Nurseli corner) , Behlül Dal Special Jury Laureates of the ( child actors , Sila and Mert Cantürk Lara stone ) won.

Erzincan news:
taken at the Golden Orange Film Festival Awards Appointment of Deputy Governor Robert Rock who Erzincan Provincial Directorate of Culture and actress Sila Text Cankaya apron by Lara Cantürk also greeted with flowers . Kutluğ Ataman then journalists'questions answered .
Ataman Erzincan Airport also made ​​to the media , said the Lamb film about the arduous process left behind by expressing Awards on taking , \"This much I did not expect . Strenuous run was the very beginning of the since I remember Erzincan was coming , the venue was looking for , then the municipality , governorship business adamlarımızla then again, alternative spaces baktım.çok very long process everyone knows that already . later, the team came players have found , we took the results of the subject is always unknown . here have come up that merits encouraging for all of us . these as health success did not expect . , I Erzincan new six golden orange that I shall tell me they even I myself, maybe I'm not sure , I hope something derdim.şi now it has occurred is really very nice .Direk from Antalya came here .İstanbul'a we never . Oranges directly from Antalya to Erzincan let us wanted and Golden Oranges from Istanbul but here in our studio kalacaklar.inşallah in the future they will rise .
Cinema's 100 years in the very special case
Antalya film festival, the oldest festivals one can know our cinema 100th Anniversary and cinema 100th Anniversary of the best film at the Erzincan came out of that , I think, a very special case , and now 51 years celebrating this important festival and a very different rails have entered too much will be important. An international festival, a festival that will grow much more international functions . We no longer such developments in Turkey , Erzincan and erzincanlı as Erzincanli businessmen too be alert gerekiyor.çünk now much more unusual one is Turkey here , and our place in it do we need to take he think you only with factories , agriculture or extreme sports not with absolute and absolute cultural-sanatl being durumunda.sevinerek I say now by the managers to understand başladı.çok soon it signals from seeing olacaksınız.darı Erzincan sport per say .
Turkish TV series is now Asian countries to Korea , China and South America is going to
I have to confess that much of a success did not expect . , but for us the real success , of course, with the public relationship between film and theater up to the time it together göreceğiz.n up by man , is deemed how much Erzincanli by If deemed important , of course, but how much more important it would be if seen outside of Erzincan and will be effective . Return will be in the city in the same way . As you know by now that everything measured with money not soft power that we call a power var.türk sequences leave residues in the Middle East , Asian countries, Korea , China and South America until the gidiyor.bun in both cultural and political, both tourism and economically very large return oluyor.ayn things in cities doing Erzincan Airport introduced if we and therefore if we continue in the future our work also goes much easier , I think.
this success who supported us all success
this success, support us all the success and Erzincan in the the success of the same zamanda.o for the orange cap we Erzincan took him from you this help we got now in getirmeyeceğiz such a case fall we said olamazdı.o so to share Erzincan brought portakallığı.inşallah this will continue to increase .
Film Screening 19
range vision girecek.birçok latest movies will be shown on December 19 in Turkey subject in Turkey on the eve of representation in 2 cities in Erzincan and Istanbul are expected to move sumptuous gala They will do and invite all erzincanlı . \"he said.


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