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  • 03 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 12:19

Golden Palm Award-winning director , Golden Orange International Jury President

Golden Palm Award-winning director , Golden Orange International Jury President
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Award-winning photographer and filmmaker Jerry Schatzberg Palme International Feature Film Competition Jury was announced as President .

Antalya news: Award-winning photographer and filmmaker Jerry Schatzberg Palme International Feature Film Competition Jury was announced as President .
Turkey Theater's 100th anniversary to celebrate this year, the International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival with the world meeting in terms of utmost importance that the International Feature Film Competition Jury Turkey and world cinema significant achievements was the award-winning names are coming together . Will be held between October 10 to 18 International Feature Film Competition jury , winning the Palme d'Or will be chaired by Jerry Schatzberg .
other names of the jury , Greece's most respected image director Andreas Sinanos , Russia's local and in the international arena effective film critic Andrei Plakhov , Great Century series with Turkey's opening to the world the face of the player Khalid Ergenç Polish cinema doyen of Krakow bearing the name of Krakow Film Festival director Krzysztof Gierat , Ferzan Ozpetek films as well as numerous successful productions of signatures the Italian producer Tilde Corsi and academics with the identity of the recognized film critic and three Golden Portakal'l Blue Wave director Zeynep Dadak .
Jury chairman Jerry Schatzberg
Jerry Schatzberg , besides being a director of photography and producer with a reputation for success in the field . Last 30 years, the name Bob Dylan, Robert Rausctenberg many of photos Schatzberg , in the 1970s, the rise of the American independent cinema was one of the leading directors . Veteran actor Al Pacino , Golden Palm-nominated The Panic in the Needle Park movie with the first leading role that Schatzberg in 1973, Gene Hackman and Al Pacino starring Scarecrow movie with the Palme d'Or and won .. In later years, Sweet Revenge , and Reunion films as Gold palm nominee Schatzberg , from Istanbul Film Festival in 1999 was awarded the Lifetime Honorary Award . The famous director in 2004, the Cannes Film Festival in the main jury took place.
European Film Academy and the French cinematographers Society is a member of the Greek director Andreas Sinanos , master director Theo Angelopoulos signature Eternity and a Day, Ulysses'Gaze , the Weeping Meadow such classic films as the director has taken . At the same time Selma Bakar, Hiner Saleem , who worked with such directors as Sinanos together late last year by Tayfun Pirselimoğlu last film in the cinema , I had assumed he Değilim . Blue Blue film with the Greek Ministry of Culture Best Cinematography award for the Sinanos , and finally shooting in 2014 June, starting in the wind Mem film Özcan Alper has worked with .
Thousand and One Nights and the Great Century series announced to the world with the name Halit Ergenç , Evita, the King and I , like Ghost and many other musicals, opera and ballet also took the stage for his work . Turkey's history of an important period describing the Tolga Example signed revolution cars with Cagan Irmak's directed the Father and Son films important roles that made ​​him , in 2010, captured Dersimiz Ataturk In Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, has been revived. Cinema career Bitter Love , Guest , School, Tram and First Love each other as the different types of films in the Ergenç in 2009, Revolution Carts for Best Actor Sadri familiar Cinema and Theatre Award in 2014, the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in the role Great Century series , with Best Actor Golden Butterfly award .
from 2005 2010 until the International Federation of Film Critics , FIPRESCI served as President and currently the Honorary President of the Russian Federation Andrei Plakhov critics still influential Russian newspaper Kommersant Daily on the movie reviews are written . Plakhov , Venice, Berlin, San Sebastian and consultancy to many international festivals such as Moscow and served as a jury member continues . Andrei Plakhov , Catherine Deneuve's film of his life as described in the \"From Les Parapluies de Cherbourg \"to \"8 femmes \"and the Soviet Union in film history where The Soviet Cinema of the books in the author .
LIVES Polish cinema a dedicated fILM eXPERT: KRZYSZTOF GİERAT Polish film expert Krzysztof Gierat
, since 2000 director of the Krakow film Festival has been running . A period as deputy governor of Krakow with a say in the management Krzysztof Gierat , Director of the Polish State Television and Film Agency has undertaken the task . Numerous film festival jury member with the title of the Krzysztof Gierat also Krakow Film Foundation's founder and president.
MASTERS OF WORK FILMS OF ITALIAN PRODUCER: TIL Corsi < br/> in 1992, established his career as a producer in the R \u0026 C Produzioni Tilde Corsi began , Ferzan Ozpetek's taken after bath Ozpetek has produced all the films . European cinema award-winning female director Lucrecia Martel's La Niña Santa and Headless Woman films executive produced the Corsi, Italian cinema of the masters of Marco Ferreri , and another veteran director Amos Gitai Cannes, Berlin and Venice grand prize has been nominated films at had undertaken the construction . Corsi twice Italy's Oscars counted David Di Donatello Award also was the owner .
director since 2001 and who is a member of the editorial board of Monthly Film Magazine film critic Zeynep Dadak also teaches film at various universities . 2000s first half of the Run Pot , Depart Arrival Departure like shot short films Dadak then Merve Kayan'l with the written and directed a short documentary of this beach between them and Rotterdam Film Festival , Sheffield, San Francisco, Jeonju , including those numerous national and toured the international festival . The past year again Merve Kayan'l with the written and directed his first feature film, Blue Wave Berlin Film Festival's Panorama section selected Dadak film his 50th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival for Best First Film , Best Screenplay and Best Editing awards with separated.

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