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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 09:27

Good Agricultural Practices are becoming more widespread in Aydin

Good Agricultural Practices are becoming more widespread in Aydin
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Aydin Didim district 48 last year launched the manufacturer \"Good Agricultural Practices \"has stated that this year reached 290 .

Aydın news: Photo Didim District Akköy farmers in the village cafes with the coming together Consultant Agricultural Engineer Müzeyyen Daldala in the garden , it carried out throughout the good agricultural practices Aydin province and get Didim district also started with 48 olive producers in 2013, \"Good Agricultural Practice\"with the participation of cotton producers this year 290', he said reached . Photo Daldala , \"Environmentally Based agricultural Areas Conservation ( ÇATAK) Project scope also get Didim district also began with our 48 producers in the first place to good agricultural practices in the olive in 2013 . this number with the participation of this year's cotton producers good agricultural practices with 290 reaching the farmers are made. good agricultural practice is a project initiated to better quality products and healthy living. Unfortunately, our country witnessed controls made that unconscious pesticides used olunuy . They are in front of such an application , or where to go for the introduction of good agricultural conscious agriculture is intended to do. which also record all activities taken in the direction of which drug to use . Training required by the certificate stage and informational activities are carried out , \"he said . With a Photo done good agricultural practices , then the audit stated that certified as a manufacturer of products for sale to the facilities provided Daldala , the number of farmers who want to pass for good agricultural practices every day has increased , he added .


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