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  • 11 Eylül 2013, Çarşamba 13:21

Google, Android, has closed a gap

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Android operating system for smart phones and tablets Obad described.

I then

trojan alerts for a Google Android 4.3, has closed the vulnerabilities. However, this version continues to threaten non-working devices.

trojan uses the offenders, according to a study conducted by Kaspersky Lab have developed a new technique developed to spread malicious software. Trojan appears to be emerging from Obad.a most CIS countries. Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan detected this malware on mobile devices, 83 percent of the total enterprises emerged in Russia said.

This is quite a complex structure

trojans, unsolicited messages via mobile botnets are also spreading outside. This is referred to as an important tool that allows Obad.a Trojan is spreading fast. Users outstanding 'debt' with a message warning the user that Obad.a 't automatically download mobile devices into the trap reduces the victims to follow a link. However, executing the file to be downloaded Trojan users still need to be installed.

Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a's a fake application stores a vehicle for the diffusion of the other. They are copying the contents of pages on Google Play, secure connections changing the harmful ones. Broken and dangerous ones, leading them to safe sites users, especially mobile users Obad.a targets. Nothing happens when a potential victim connects to your home computer to the site, but this method no matter which operating system the smart phone and tablet, so Android users at risk.

Roman Unuchek Kaspersky Lab antivirus experts,"In three months I've identified 12 different Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a version. they all have the same function, capable of high-level code to hide, each Android operating system holes using one of the 'device manager' is going to have the powers and deletions are becoming much more difficult,"says Cohen. Google does not detect this situation, they brief Unuchek explaining,"It's the deficit Android 4.3, provided closure. However, a very small number of new smart phones and tablet computers running the new version and the previous versions of this model, devices running earlier, unfortunately, is still under threat. Obad.a use yet undetected weaknesses of Android, Windows feature for the more developed compared to other trojan'larla see bears."he adds.

Google, Android, has closed a gap" comments for.


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