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  • 22 Ekim 2013, Salı 00:57

Google Doodle by André-Jacques remembered Garnerin'i

Google Doodle by André-Jacques remembered Garnerin'i
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André-Jacques Garnerin made history by making the first parachute jump. Andre-Jacques Garnerin made the gesture of the Google doodle.

André-Jacques Garnerin first parachute jump

Google to perform a moving doodle was prepared. André-Jacques Garnerin'i reminiscent of Google users who met surprises. So Who Andre-Jacques Garnerin Sticky Thread? Here's the story of life ...

André-Jacques Garnerin January 31 born in Paris in 1769. In 1823, he died in Paris on August 13. André-Jacques Garnerin, French aviator and inventor of the frameless parachute and student of Jacques Charles.

the first stage of the French Revolutionary Wars was captured by the Army of the United Kingdom and Austria delivered to three years, was arrested by the Buddha. Parachute designed to jailbreak. Continued to fly after being released from a balloon.

22 October 1797 (according to the French Republican Calendar of IV. 1st day of the month of Brumaire of the year) Paris Parc Monceau locality 3000 feet (900m) high, bouncy, parachuted in silk.

after the Peace of Amiens in London with his wife to visit the United Kingdom showed a parachute jump. 5 July 1802, the painter Edward Hawke Locker blew him away. However, the relationship between France and the United Kingdom violated, returned to France.

3 to 4 October 1803, and a distance of 300 kilometers between Moscow and Polova November 22 to 23 1807 Paris Clausen (Luxembourg) has come from a distance of 395 kilometers.

in Paris after an accident at work when a new bubble Aug. 13 died in 1823.

Google Doodle by André-Jacques remembered Garnerin'i" comments for.


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