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  • 15 Ekim 2014, Çarşamba 18:21

Google Goggles Addiction Patients were

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American scientists working in the American navy , and a person 18 hours a day using Google goggles glasses at the time of use , such as irritability and frustration voiced experiencing problems .

San diego news: Experts state the first Internet addiction syndrome as announced.
American Navy employee and an unnamed 31-year-old military working just sleeping and wash your face whenever glasses Remove noted that the experts it outside periods of 31-year-old man's fury and frustration the main problems , he said . The man's glasses whenever involuntary right index finger to his temple and took and device deployment is trying to save the scientists of this situation involuntarily , has experienced .
At first alcohol and drug addiction as a result of being treated military employees in the next periods difficulties as a result of electronic devices in the confiscated were recorded. Experts treatment methods result in the patient irritability, loss of the device to open the temple to the hand drive movement such as the reduction , he said.
Extremely play games, computers and mobile devices too much use of internet addiction syndrome is the most important symptoms is considered . Individuals due to illness , emotional, social and mental problems can live well .

Google Goggles Addiction Patients were" comments for.


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