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  • 27 Eylül 2013, Cuma 16:30

Google logo mystery

Google logo mystery
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Google logo on the interesting details came to light

Google 's first enterprise was established in January 1998, logo suna If we look at what's behind the work invested in it had a budget nor a designer. The logo was designed by Google co-founder Sergey Brin. Brin, the first logo are preparing to work in Gimp is a free graphics program started downloading. Brin Yahoo'nunkine logo to look like, but wanted it to be more noticeable. So I chose one color to every letter of Google. This logo has not changed much until 2009.


Brin in 2009, Ruth Kedar shook hands for the new logo.

new logo, but in 2010 was considered the official logo. Google's logo designer Ruth Kedar,"The new logo was forced to the maximum color design. Rekliydi so that the first logo, colors, logo, giving color to simplify the sea and I went down,"he said. Kedar, eventually 'l' outside the main color of all of the letters 'l' letter was the intermediate color. The logo 'l'The main idea of ​​the use of the secondary color green is the"Google does not follow the rules of"honor.

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