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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 18:16

Goose Laying the Stone Murder Trial

Goose Laying the Stone Murder Trial
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Adana children dig into that died out and the third person because of throwing stones , four people were wounded in the fighting, about 9 arrested 10 people while they continue to be tried in Samsun due to the security , examined the security camera recordings month event at the hearing.

Samsun news:
event , Seyhan district of Adana in Çınarlı Küçükdikili neighborhood on September 26, 2013 occurred . Alkan family of 2.5-year-old boy sitting on the same street , threw stones at the house of the Land allegedly Örgen family . Dig the stones thrown creepy Sevcan Black (37) , went to the home of Alken family , \"throwing stones at Children's home and geese . He Disturb\"he warned . Officers Alkan ( 23) said, \"If he plays a child. Where you want ,\"he said . The debate went on among women . Families on the growth of the debate, called to the scene on their own relatives . Armed with knife and sticks in fighting Text Western (30) , Kadir Örgen (22) Enough Yuksel (22) was killed and four people were injured . Taken into custody after the incident Orhan B. ( 40 ) , Turan B. ( 42 ) , Enis B. ( 23 ), Mehmet B. ( 32) , Sevcan K., A. Officer , Şeyhmus P. ( 26) , Nuri Ö. (30) and BC (15) were arrested, escaped İlhami B. ( 43) about the arrest warrant was issued .
About 10 suspects'intentional killing','attempted murder','crime associates'between the crime of 1 to 3 times life imprisonment with the request A lawsuit was filed . 5. Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court decided , however, to be in Samsun, due to the case's security . 9 arrested 10 people in Samsun 1 Heavy Penal Court continued the trial date. 5 of the defendants can be seen today in the third hearing of the case are already on trial in Ankara BC Child and Youth Prisons Agency by S. P., who was detained in Tokat prison , N.Ö. and S.Ö. , Display Information System ( SEGBİS ) attended the hearing with .
from Adana to Samsun and events involved in recognizing EA ( 40 ) A person named in court as an expert event memories of security camera recordings following the event helped people involved in making the identification of the image. Some lawyers requested , arguing that they interfere with the discharge of clients from the killings of detainees. The trial court rejected the demands release of the missing file was postponed to a later date for completion.

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