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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 11:21

Gourd Changed His Life

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Hatay Yayladağı Alparslan makes his living working in the ready-mix concrete companies in the district Faith, exports of gourds grown on their own.

Hatay news: Photo in the garden of his own house 2 radical 50 pumpkin picking selling Faith, 20 thousand pumpkins he grows year by selling domestic and outside managed to become one of the numbered gourd growers in Turkey. In a concrete company in
the Antakya county workers working life as the winner Alparslan Faith, weekends in front of the farmhouse Yayladağı went public in \"kernep \"began to grow gourds known as . First gourd plants grown from 50 collects Faith, he thought more of the assessment remaining after the gift. Collects information on the Internet from gourds Faith, some people buy the gourd . Faith, now husband and 3 children with acres of space is making gourd cultivation .
Recruitment noted that no money in his pocket when he started Faith, \"I decided , but the facilities were very limited. Then a brother from Izmir I met on the internet sent me free seeds. Our money comes free seeds because there we have committed ourselves to the field as a family as well and were able to finish a full week job. I have used the branches of the Coat will make in the region is not possible for us burning forest trees. we did not have money to continue to farm. we work with the help of field with my wife picks and shovels and seeds we sowed , \"he said .
first, no record that the customers of Faith , \"I did research from work in the evening internet Daytime field , I tried to find people dealing with gourds on the internet , we have exchanged information with them. despite the problems we encountered , we believe Turkey's most beautiful gourd until the end we will grow . it was as we expected , thank God . I started raising Turkey's largest pumpkin , \"he said . despite photo impossibility of the country is the largest gourd to grow , if given the opportunity , recording can grow the biggest gourd in the world next year, Faith, said:
\"We have given our hearts this work , we give our love , family , unable to e I'm sure we educate the world's largest gourd . We would like to announce the name of our country to the world with giant gourds . We had 2 acres of land that we start this business so we said let's land did not have the money but not the terrain . Then we headed to the bank , and we ourselves spending a penny of that loan I took 120 thousand loans. We received a very mountainous area was farm fields have received would have to be processed will be the possibility that we did not have flat land . Flat land , 400, 500 thousand pounds we also wanted to have received small loans of 3 acres of land have used in its processing . If money was not empty of money to reap sow the gourd çardağı we do with him because we always breaking trees and hopefully if we have money we are considering a possibility given our çardağı iron . Gourd find 15-20 pounds before ripening and tree arbor can not remove it and breaks. Pavilions our world if it is iron most efficient and educate the largest gourd . \"Photo gourds usually Alparslan's statement is processed as ornaments Faith, \"Some ornaments are taking to make some fiddle . I met dozens of people from the internet, browsing the field came from other provinces , \"he said .

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