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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 15:00

Governor Alim Barut:

Governor Alim Barut:
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Sivas Governor Alim Barut , was found in the Chamber of Agriculture President of pilgrims visit ÇETİNDAĞ get better .

Sivas news: Photo Governor Alim Barut , made ​​on some of the problems experienced with the General Assembly stated that stayed behind, drew attention to the importance of agriculture and animal husbandry in Sivas. Agriculture diyince , when agriculture called Sivas in the life of a very important place Noting that gunpowder, \"broad terms Sivas agricultural areas . On the other hand there is progress in the important area especially fattening livestock honey has reached a certain level of production . Called would not be made ​​in the Kelso Valley meyvecilikl Sivas it was . most of the fields anymore fishing is done in Susehri , nobody knows, means that a significant potential in terms of Sivas agriculture , \"he said .
Chamber of Agriculture of the non-governmental organization , is an organization in the form of public institutions and Sivas agriculture this organization life important place in the Governor stating that the gunpowder, \"so I think it's necessary to look to the future as in consciousness.'ll make a time was lost now you have for the development of the first Sivas agriculture as we play our part in ,\"he said .
Chamber of Agriculture President Haji Çetindağ the Chamber of Agriculture of Turkey'No room for stating they would try to bring between running steps , \"Sivas has a large capacity . The sine qua non of agriculture in Sivas. If the other chambers of agriculture we need to go running to work on foot . Pave the way for our farmers will want to support you with the project, \"he said .

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