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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 11:54

Governor Aydın, GTB has had visits

Governor Aydın, GTB has had visits
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Şahinbey District assigned to the task Selami Aydin , visit the Gaziantep Commodity Exchange met with Assembly and Board of Directors .

Gaziantep news: Photo GTB Chairman Ahmet Tiryakioğlu and GTB Speaker Selami Memiş as well as GTB Assembly and the Board of Directors during a visit to present the members of Governor Aydın , were informed about the study and visionary projects of the stock market .
Governor Aydın s satisfaction with the visit voicing GTB Chairman Ahmet Tiryakioğlu, Gaziantep, agriculture and said the production of the agricultural industry is a model city in Turkey.
, pasta, bulgur and an important part of Gaziantep Turkey exports in the production of vegetable oil Noting that Tiryakioğlu meet , 27 different cities while a close to 90 percent of the produced pistachio again stated that applied to processed market in Gaziantep. the Photo GTB Parliament Speaker Sela Memi was found in the description of the visionary project of the stock market . Terms gtb'n the trading volume of Turkey's largest 6 Memiş noted that included in the stock market, \"that we plan to implement in a short time borsacılıg , product specialization , we want to transform it into an important our city with important projects agricultural base as borsacılıg and licensed warehouse ,\"he said . indicating that one of the most diverse cities in his task Photo Gaziantep Şahinbey Governor Selami the Intellectuals , \"I am delighted and honored to serve in one of Turkey's largest county . so far I have worked in 11 different places but this short period of time I can tell Gaziantep is a very different city. There are a continuous production and self-development activity in this city. I am one who likes to chase and services to move. I'm in harmony with the general structure of the reason the city. also some other nice aspect of Gaziantep personal not collective manner that caught the compatibility to act . here sample is experiencing a city unity and solidarity , \"he said .
Governor Aydın, hand in hand with Sahinbey people during the task will try to give the best service he added.

Governor Aydın, GTB has had visits" comments for.


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