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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 11:23

Governor Ayyıldız:\"Holidays strengthens the nation's consciousness \"

Governor Ayyıldız:\
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Aydın Governor Erol Ayyıldız, \"Our Day is shaped our nation's consciousness , which strengthened in days ,\"he said .

Aydın news:
Eid al-Adha so a congratulatory message broadcasting Governor Ayyıldız, \"Today, as a nation , love, respect and tolerance atmosphere characterized by intense , angry with the peace of the brotherhood , friendship, cooperation and solidarity feelings culminated an Eid al-Adha More of meeting are happy . known, the Holidays , goodness and beauty are blended , joy and happiness were shared except our days , on the other hand , hatred and hostility as bad emotions broadcast in which friendship and brotherhood ties , reinforce environments. Feast of our people of brotherhood between revival , unity and cooperation to reinforce , joy and grief shared nationally , hand in hand , heart to heart , the fief and irregularity to our continued the occasion is . Briefly day our nation's consciousness we were formed, strengthened the days. customs and traditions of our next generations to be transferred to the occasion of this special occasion they carry meaning and significance according to celebrate ; joy , enthusiasm , cooperation and solidarity in our lives every day in order to bring more effort should , \"he said .
on holidays between people and countries, their responsibilities towards the more you remember that you need to Ayyıldız, \"the country and its citizens to give to the martyrs families , children , heroes of our veterans , who have always cherished for the orphans of our nation , our mothers , our fathers , our great note with the belief that the feast sharing our joy with them forever maintain our unity and let . On this occasion, the unique sacrifice saint martyrs will not forget any time once again God's mercy , our veterans greet with gratitude . Aydınlı my countrymen , on this feast day the poor and needy of our citizens , our elderly residing in nursing homes and orphanages believe wholeheartedly in the rest of our puppies they will leave you alone . Because them to feel they are not alone in this life , mother, father or child to live in love again and festivals temperature , is a humanitarian duty for all of us . Adopting our national and spiritual values ​​, our lives, love, respect, solidarity, solidarity and tolerance, as long as we dominate the feelings , there is no doubt that we will reach better days . These feelings and thoughts ; valuable work of my friends and Aydınlı compatriot my Eid best wishes , celebrating this beautiful feast of the enthusiasm of our brotherhood further strengthen both our nation , as well as for humanity, peace and prosperity to be instrumental wish you love and respect I would like to , \"he said .

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