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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 10:02

Governor Çakacak Free Zone Review And Found in port

Governor Çakacak Free Zone Review And Found in port
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Mersin Governor Özdemir that era, institutions and organizations continue to receive information about activities visit .

Mersin news: Photo first visit to the Directorate of Mersin Free Zone performs Çakacak Governor , Regional Director briefed Yusuf Senel . As well as the Deputy Governor Çakacak Meeting sure Sait Karahaliloğl , Free Zone Customs Director Hasan Huseyin Kocak , Mersin Free Zone Operator Corporation ( MESBAŞ ) General Manager Edvin Candles, Mersin Free Zone Users Association ( MESBAK ) Chairman Ekrem robust with board members also attended. Information meeting Çakacak in investigations of the following manufacturers , HDMI Steel Pipe , received information about production from cocoons Agro and Icel textile operators .
Then Çakacak visiting the Port of Mersin , Mersin International Port observations within the port with service tool prepared by Enterprises found. Port Civil Administrator Deputy Governor during the visit sure Sait Karahaliloğl , the Ministry of Transport in charge of Deputy Governor Solomon Sea, the Deputy Governor in charge of Customs Cezmi Turkish Migration , Port Authority of War Lighter and Central Mediterranean Customs Director were present at the Murat hero. Mersin International Port Management officials Suha Smoke with Çakacak the information about the harbor from the private Arıca , $ 160 million dock with the area where the port expansion project started with the budget , warehouses, container stacking area and examined the section where the vehicle container scanning system.

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