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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 13:08

Governor çerkezköy from Kublai Natural Fire

Governor çerkezköy from Kublai Natural Fire
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Depending on the locality Ambarder Cerkezkoy district of Tekirdağ , Gazdaş natural gas gained as a result of the hard work .

Tekirdağ news: Religious Vocational Secondary School in the area of the first gas fire in a ceremony held in front of the Governor Cerkezkoy text was burned by Kubilay .
Gazdaş Cerkezkoy as a result of the work carried out by the Department Ambardere gas was given to the Imam and Preacher Middle School . The ceremony was held for the first time Ambardere natural gas . Religious Vocational Secondary School at the ceremony speaking Cerkezkoy Governor Text Kublai , \"Ambarder education is an important in our region . Especially completed the construction of Religious Vocational Secondary School and the ongoing construction of the Imam and Preacher Our high school for the format is of great importance . District Moreover, our 130-acre educational campus space is available. Education Campus where relevant, the allocation process did. necessary correspondence we have completed , \"he said .
Religious Vocational Secondary School's 2014-2015 academic year, the grown stated that the Governor Kublai ,\"our school of natural gas to arrive Gazdaş so we had to compact . themselves every day've bothered . before year-end complete the work they were saying . , but insist our results in September in the region have completed the work . this scope in the project everyone involved would like to thank , \"he said .
Imam and Preacher very short time gas is given describing the Governor Kublai ,\"when we met with the Director of Gazdaş his professional life to this study stated that it was the fastest operation . Pleased that we have . Our children in school without feeling cold education will see , \"he said.
\" completed in record time we \"
Cerkezkoy first excavations began in 2006 reminded that they Gazdaş Cerkezkoy Business Manager Tanju Kocak the \"first we also offer gas in 2007 . Cerkezkoy with this study, we have brought all our obligations . This is a team effort . As an institution, we are constantly intertwined with people . Our Governor of work to be completed as soon as possible for us too compressed . We have completed our work in record time . In both districts, a total of 725 kilometers of underground pipes were laid . In all a total of 2 thousand 700 kilometers Thrace region of underground pipes were laid . Everything satisfaction of our customers is for , \"he said .
After the speeches County Mufti Yusuf Danube , natural gas for the opening invocation is made. Then Cerkezkoy Governor Text Kublai air, which has been extended through the barrel region the first gas fired .
Cerkezkoy Imam Preacher Middle School garden ceremony at the Cerkezkoy Governor Text Kublai as well as the District Police Commander, Major Rushdie Eryýlmaz , District Health Director Dr. Olcay Palak , County Mufti Yusuf Danube, the district police chief Murat Ogan , District Education Branch Manager Abdullah Nayar , Gazdaş Cerkezkoy Business Manager Tanju Kocak, Cerkezkoy Director of Religious Vocational Secondary School and many guests attended Christ crunch .

Governor çerkezköy from Kublai Natural Fire" comments for.


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