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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:38

Governor Demirtas, headman at Met

Governor Demirtas, headman at Met
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Adiyaman Governor Mahmoud Demirtas village headman came together , listening to the problems of the chairman, gave information about the investments made .

Adıyaman news: Photo Adult Education Center hall as well as corporate directors meeting held in the village headmen , provincial council members attended . Adiyaman connected headmen who listens to the problems of the village Governor Mahmoud Demirtas, gave instructions to the relevant corporate managers .
'< Strong> CITIES IN WHAT Versa VILLAGE DE OR WHETHER \"is a Photo Adiyaman made ​​to work for almost 2 years voicing Governor Mahmoud Demirtas, spoke as follows:Photo \"connected to the center of our village , our town being equal to their villages, where you'll need more than trying to rush there. Special Provincial Administration , Central Village Service Unions , the source of our village with SODES We try to make it more livable . What if what if our cities, our villages we want to be the same. We had a serious problem in our drinking water is not much rainfall last year. To overcome this problem , we shift our resources to the majority of the drinking water. Both in the central village villages in the district have made very serious drilling . They have received some significant results , we have not received the results from a portion . Hopefully we get the result we were not getting results at places we think .
Get dehydrated , especially in 2005 with the slogan put into effect stay corrupt village KÖYDES with Adiyaman and thirsty we have no village. We have 30 one village with insufficient water . We handle a fountain . Hopefully there we will reach the water at the desired level. Photo special provincial program covered 71 miles on the first floor asphalt of 32 residential units , and 54 residential units 249 miles down the road on the second floor of asphalt , was the 86 units in settlements 268 miles of gravel road paving work . Art Structure of the 17 villages of the vent operation , the maintenance, repair of 183 units of the drinking water reservoir chlorination unit was taken , 9 units of the fountain water plant built , 16 units , has also been put into service completed sewer work . To increase employment in our village has been put into service the 17 grain plant irrigation facilities. Last 1 year covered a Photo KÖYDES 71 settlements in the asphalt work was started , a total of 42 thousand 450 square meters of paving , 1 bridge , is made grill is 2 pieces. The village is invested in our very serious . We distributed 13 units condolence tent in our village recently.
Period a year ago, Mr. Prime Minister we've finished one after 514 classrooms of our President, and we're coming to the services it offers . 570-person student hostel was completed . One indoor sports hall was completed. We completed the 514 classrooms in 441 classrooms in 2014. Still have 20 classrooms in 436 schools now ongoing . God until the end of the year they are planning to finish the classrooms if fortune 150-200 . Despite the arrival of the period of provisional acceptance has been delayed due to the looseness of the contractor. Again in 1492 continues personality student hostel . Hopefully this year we will present and operational in 2015. Our sports hall 2 units continues. One will be held in the indoor gym Sincik district out of it. We did
success-oriented action plan in education. We increased our average 32 points in teoge . LGS and LYS at 9 points and foremost. Adiyaman was 67 when we started the task sequence that was left behind in 7 provinces of Adiyaman . The reasons are to increase our number of classrooms . Success stems from action-oriented plan. Although some unions criticized the new system also should relax our success drew the attention of the Ministry of Education. \"


Governor Demirtas, headman at Met" comments for.


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