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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 18:30

Governor Demirtas, \"Isidor's Weapons Depot in Adiyaman \"There Denies News

Governor Demirtas, \
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Adiyaman Governor Mahmoud Demirtas, the German Bild newspaper to report on the agenda, and many national newspapers published at the same time some political party representatives by the statement which is the subject of Adiyaman Isidor of the gun store that denies reports .

Adıyaman news:
German Bild newspaper on the agenda by the many national newspaper published in the'ISID started in Adiyaman armory where there's news regarding Governor Demirtas, the news denied the descriptions found .
Demirtas by the subject in relation to the statement made \"in our province daily published in some newspapers'Adiyaman Isidor Weapons Depot There titled'news governership ended. province in our daily published in some newspapers even before a national newspaper reports referring to the press release issued on the news Isidor terrorist organization in our country in seven different provinces arsenal , which is the one of the cities in the province of Adiyaman is in the form of news about the City Police Department depends on our branch directorates studies and intelligence work , including the news to verify any information, documents or evidence could not be identified . Relevant continue to work It is . Moreover our newspaper located in the province of Isidor statement that participation in a terrorist organization is located . Studies done on this subject , Syria in the past of our cities and regions leading to conflict parties have launched an investigation into the judicial process continues. In these studies so far Isidor our cities could not be determined that there is participation in a terrorist organization \"the statement said .

Governor Demirtas, \"Isidor's Weapons Depot in Adiyaman \"There Denies News" comments for.


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