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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 17:20

Governor Discusses the Small Growth Centres

Governor Discusses the Small Growth Centres
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Sanliurfa Governor İzzettin Small , held a meeting on the coordination of attractions in Sanliurfa.

Şanlıurfa news: Photo governorship held in the meeting hall , the historical buildings in the center of attraction and nature in Sanliurfa Governor Small Speaking at the meeting dealt with the tourist value , said they collected to get the opinion of all the relevant institutions. Small Governor for providing information related to the last point to the museum's opening , the light show will be held in the museum's garden museum also expressed that they intended to make a major center of attraction. The new museum planned to be conducted in a three-dimensional Hz . Ibrahim Shop Small governor also noted that there were tender , Istanbul said they would do in a similar museum in Sanliurfa 1453 the museum. Governor Small , ArkeoPark in the garden of the museum planned to be tendered , he said . Small Governor giving information about the culture of the island project , the project will be tendered through the build operate transfer case to enter this month established , he said. Photo Governor İzzettin Small , continued restoration that historic Urfa , as well as home , located in Artillery Square, and belonging to the ownership of the Council to the Foundation date Artillery Han also expropriated idle the rescue and said they would start work to bring in Sanliurfa tourism. Photo Meeting Governor İzzettin continued by taking the suggestions of the participants after their small description . İzzettin Governor Photo Meeting Small , Deputy Governor Selected Ramadan , Karacadağ Development Agency Ilhan Karakoyun Secretary-General , Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Aydin Lion, the Foundation joined Muslim authorities on the Regional Manager and be hairless .

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