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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 11:00

Governor Flower:Our goal is to Vision 2023

Governor Flower:Our goal is to Vision 2023
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Provincial Health Directorate met with administrators serving under the Governor of Muğla Provincial Health Director Dr.

Muğla news: Jihan Thompson from the Muğla in health studies about briefed .
TARGET 2023 to realize the vision
at the meeting in his speech all members of society to make you happy that they have explaining Governor Flower:\"Happiness the only basis for health is not. But health sine qua non of our . Muglali our citizens , living in Las Vegas all individuals happy we have to . our goal is health care, the quality of the maximize . our goal vision for 2023 is to perform . Republic of the 100th anniversary of the where we need to be that goals have been identified . O towards the targets will go . those objectives stages can carry Muğla the Health of the Ministry of Muğla, the organization will be ready the next generation of something good can bring , \"he said .
people contracting the disease is Pointing out that it is important for you to take precautions Governor Flower , \"Preventive health services, we also very important. Underneath environmental and food health, family medicine has a very important topic . If this is the highest level of quality in the services we can avoid if we can catch the disease . Without the physical conditions in the human love of our staff to be good does not mean anything . People love to be in our employees . Above all the patients surviving life-threatening , the psychological aspect by providing a nice communication from you in a happy way to get rid of that pain . Especially nurses and doctors colleagues patients and their relatives in their relations with warmer should behave , \"he said .
all segments benefit from health services should be able
senior citizen lives more comfortable to spend the projects should be produced that the Governor Flower , \"more than the elderly population in our province . Therefore, the raising of the living standards of our elderly should be made on a project . If these people will be happy to go through life service should do better . Living in Las Vegas under the umbrella of the health of citizens all need to take . Disabilities , tourists , children, elderly , peasants , migrants , regardless of who live in the city or neighborhood , everyone comes to our mind should be able to benefit from health care , \"he said.


Governor Flower:Our goal is to Vision 2023" comments for.


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