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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 11:10

Governor Great:\"Interests , Love, trust and intimacy are committed Conversion Services \"

Governor Great:\
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Adana Governor Mustafa large, found in a variety of trips and investigations connected Misis Yüreğir .

Adana news: Adana Governor Mustafa large, found in a variety of trips and investigations connected Misis Yüreğir . Governor Great , which saw intense interest throughout the study , the purpose and goals of the public institutions and organizations \"interested , love, trust and intimacy are committed to transforming services \"expressed by saying . Photo Deputy Governor Ismail Hakki Ertas, Heart Governor Turgut Bywater , hearts Mayor Mahmoud Çelikcan , Provincial Gendarmerie Commander of the Gendarmerie Colonel Unsal Cloud , Provincial Culture and Tourism Deputy Director Sabri Tari with a study trip by various public institutions and the establishment of the representatives present at the meeting , historical studies carried out in the Misis been viewed with importance .
first visit as Misis heart Yakapınar Governor Mustafa older who visited the Gendarmerie Command , received briefings from officials . Following the visit of the Command , to examine the condition of the schools in the region Veysel Karani Middle School and Yakapınar Elementary School students Great Governor came together and with the teacher , the future of the country's education and training issues stressed that the most important factor in shaping . Students give various gifts and toys distributes Governor Great , students with their work very well and countries benefit an individual not recommend the \"You are the future of the country\"was carried out with the message .
Governor Mustafa Büyük's next stop on the school visit Misis was the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives . Cooperative managers, producers originated loans and the Great Governor of information about the variety of products in the Çukurova region , one of the country's major manufacturing centers , drew attention to the great importance of the producers always subject support . Photo Photo EXCAVATION WORK AND LESSONS WORKS wHO visit the Health Center in the Photo District , elimination of quantitative information and the lack of an overall state of the health service instructing Governor Mustafa large, patients'speedy recovery'after the language , Lokman Hakim's immortality prescription reduce believed to date Misis Bridge, and around Misis with historical artifacts unearthed in the ongoing excavations in the ancient city of Misis works exhibited in the Mosaic Museum, examined the spot. Photo \"open air museum \"called Anatolia , many throughout history Adana is home to civilization since it has made and pointed out that an important archaeological site of the Çukurova Region Governor Mustafa large, the Adana Museum Chairman , National Research Council of Italy Rome Prof. Dr. Anna Lucia D'Agata, Professor University of Pisa Dr. Giovanni Salmeri as a result of excavations carried out in a consortium , the very important works of world cultural heritage will gain stated that he believed and thanked the entire excavation team. Photo Misis in following the ongoing excavations and uncovered artifacts investigation , Visiting Misis Bridge near their workplaces , trades and the Great Governor meets with citizens , chatted with citizens to come together in the coffee shop and listened to their problems. Public institutions and organizations, large there be pointed out that Governor Mustafa for the solution of problems, his intense interest and friendliness shown , \"State-Citizen \"in cooperation by mutual love and respect for the principles , said that all districts are committed to transforming services in . Governor Great , after the examination , the citizens were divided between the Misis show love .

Governor Great:\"Interests , Love, trust and intimacy are committed Conversion Services \"" comments for.


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