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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:40

Governor Great:\"Kapıkaya Canyon, the Shining Star Hiking Should Be \"

Governor Great:\
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Governor Mustafa large, wellness and organized to draw attention to the concept of alternative tourism \"Karaisalı Kapıkaya Canyon Walk \"attended the event.

Adana news: Photo governor large, natural owned Adana, said at the event , drew attention to the historical and cultural richness and \"Nature Tourism and wellness \"in gave important messages.
public institutions jointly organized'Karaisalı Kapıkaya Canyon Tours and walk to the Governor Mustafa large , as well as 6th Mechanized Infantry Division and Garrison Commander Major General order Bahadir Kose, Gendarmerie Regional Commander, Brigadier General Aytekin Sahin, Chief Public Prosecutor Ali Yeldan , District Courts of the Public Prosecutor Sabrina Beytor's , Çukurova University Rector Dr. Mustafa Kibar, Science and Technology University Rector Dr. Adem Ersoy , in Karaisalı Governor Mehmet Tunç with the public and civil society representatives attended the Kapıkaya Canyon hiking activity , the natural wealth owned Adana , emphasized that an integral part of alternative tourism with a healthy and peaceful life .
\"Adana \" tHE nATURAL BEAUTY of DISCOVERY I'm CALLING \"in his statements during
activity, especially physical activities carried out periodically in nature , wellness attention of great importance in terms of the Governor great , in improving the prevention of chronic diseases and public health , such frequently stated that it was necessary to conduct the activities . Governor Great , \"Culture and tourism activities on the natural our city by providing all kinds of support , historical, evaluate the best way social and cultural values, thousands of years of history of the extant important cultural heritage to bring together local and foreign visitors , to ensure the promotion of the rich potential owned and our people are among our most important goals to meet the natural beauty. Today with this hiking occasion we perform all our citizens , for a more peaceful and healthy life, I urge you to explore the stunning natural beauty of Adana , \"he said .
\"Kapıkaya nATURE oF wALKING SHINING STAR sHOULD BE \"in the Karaisalı one of the Photo Adana's major towns and known trails in the seven-kilometer-long accompanied by an enchanting landscape of Kapıkaya Canyon, hiking the world's most important centers of expression that should be one of the Governor Mustafa in large , description, \"we made you , with the participation of our valued tourist friendly of this canyon hiking activities , alternative tourism and our natural beauty that our province , our belief that a significant awareness of the joined with healthy life is full . Natural beauty and historical richness of the intersection of an important region which is our Karaisalı wooden resting place in Kapıkaya canyon in our district , Varda Viaduct , Place Bridge , Navigation Tower, Çakıt both sides of the bridge that connects the river , accompanied by stunning views of all shades of autumn color, a different beauty of hiking trails in the canyon adds . Thus, the nature-based tourism approach all activities to be conducted within the individual , both will provide significant benefits to public health \"has continued with expressions. Photo hiking, < strong> ALTERNATIVE TOURISM AN IMPORTANT PART OF Photo Health , Eco Tourism , and especially nature tourism, to ensure diversity in tourism, to correct lower and the lack of superstructure detected , to act in conjunction with industry representatives , increasing the number of national and international visitors , nature has Adana history, culture and tourism potential of better assessment and was determined to make every effort that emphasizes Governor Mustafa in ensuring the success of alternative tourism Great , drew attention to the hiking is a very important part of alternative tourism. at the end of the event, Kapıkaya Canyon who contributed in the organization of trips and hikes celebrating the Great Governor worldwide \"Trekking \"he called the spread of hope for all citizens hiking and wanted to show much more interest in such activities.


Governor Great:\"Kapıkaya Canyon, the Shining Star Hiking Should Be \"" comments for.


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