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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 17:24

Governor Güvençer in Afşin

Governor Güvençer in Afşin
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Kahramanmaras Governor Mustafa Hakan Guvench made ​​observations in the Afshar district .

Kahramanmaraş news: Photo Afshar's governorship in front Afşin Governor Fatih Aksoy, district gendarme commander Captain Mehmet Demir, Afşin Mayor Mehmet Fatih Trust, District Police Chief Minister Recep emollient and Governor Güvençer covered by corporate chiefs , received information from the circle chiefs . Photo Afşin Governor Fatih Aksoy, Governor of public investments made ​​in Afşin briefed Güvençer . There were also gifts of Kahramanmaras Governor Güvençer Afshar People's prepared at the Training Center Eshab-i table. Photo Afshar's governorship Kahramanmaras Governor makes a short speech in his office Mustafa Hakan Güvençer , \"We conduct this visit to meet Afşin to you . Very often a together gelemesek the whole issue of our partners , we're friends a team. every successful step carried out here, every happy occasion is also closely related to all of them for all Kahramanmaras and served there . you will see the issue on your side of the province authorities to help you , \"he said .
Afshar and Elbistan the separation of the Governor Güvençer indicating that the two brothers county , \"Afshar and Elbistan , especially the presence and geographic proximity question of thermal power plants and coal business . you prisoner to be called two inseparable brothers and sisters together from each other. If there is , including the sweet competition in this continuing to the case . Afşin is very important for a district of Kahramanmaras and Turkey. Economic and seen in places such as high brand value or unseen but on social issues are must-visit. Always expectations where this kind harekilik has also been high . \"He said . The governor also visited the Photo Afşin Municipal Güvençer Afşin Palace of Justice, Afşin District Gendarmerie Command , Eshab-i Afşin State Hospital, Afshar's Vocational School, Afşin Elbistan Lignite , Afşin Elbistan a and B received information from the corporate chiefs visited the Thermal Power Plants .


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