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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:45

Governor Huzeyfe Citer , Kopani viewed their actions Damaged Schools

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Huzeyfe Viranşehir district governor of Citi , the pretext for its actions damaged Kopani school inspection was made ​​.

Şanlıurfa news:
Governor Citi , Mill Manager Omar Deaf Education , District Police Chief Asad Ugur, District Police Commander, Deputy Director of the District Police Commander , Tuncay Kaplan and suggest actions Kopani with Ağrıdağ viewed damaged schools . Freedom Elementary School is located in the neighborhood of freedoms in the field of information from school administrators about the destruction of Governor Citi , a first in the school to remedy the damage has ordered . Props Middle School also Cite visiting school officials received information about the condition . Props met with teachers working in secondary school . Citi , which chatted for a while with teachers from teacher training to be able to continue without interruption wanted to act selfless . Teachers continued for the duration of the events that continued education , but some of hoaxes education was interrupted because some parents thinking that they are sending their children to school said. Citi , a possible shortage situation calls for the teacher giving the cell phone number you want, when they said they would contact him . Students who chat with a student's request Citerne noted. Students , \"Please, let them burn our school , saying,\"Governor asked for help from Citerne . Ciner , has been closely involved with the student .

Governor Huzeyfe Citer , Kopani viewed their actions Damaged Schools" comments for.


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