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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 11:34

Governor of the Balkan Turks visiting Great

Governor of the Balkan Turks visiting Great
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President of the Confederation of the Balkan Rumeli Turks did Zürfet Hacıoğlu, Mediterranean , Balkan Turks President of the Federation of emotion Mükremin , along with members of the federation visited the office of Governor Mustafa large .

Adana news:
Speaking during the visit Balkans Rumeli Turkish Confederation President Zürfet did Hacıoğlu, confederation his work about Governor Mustafa Great briefed .
Governor Great Edirne Governor's task Balkan Turks visited reminiscent of the Balkans Rumeli Turkish Confederation President Hacıoğlu \"we have the University of Thrace all Balkan languages ​​is taught . 17 universities need , academics, and students to changes in cooperation works. Balkans Turkish and Muslim descent, besides Serbian , Macedonian and Bulgarian students in our country , bringing prejudice to break are working . your Edirne'well you interact with the system all our institutions with the Balkans in cooperation continues to work . Balkan Turks of our salute you and love there , I also want to say , \"he said .
Views pleased to voicing Governor Mustafa is great, Edirne and the Balkans with each other to introduce productive work was carried out , due to the continuation of this work is very happy , he said.
Governor Great , Edirne and the Balkans expressed that brought together ; \"Balkans to meet with all our institutions to mobilize , with a delegation to the Balkans when we go there very emotional environments has occurred and weeping saw . There are so many beautiful moments we lived. Evenings artists Rumeli tunes , saying our common values ​​expressed . Edirne in the Balkans sister schools have created . Brotherhood we started working together on behalf of the continued increase, I was very happy because . All Edirne and the Balkans to extend my greetings and respect , \"he said .


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