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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 18:39

Governor Öztürk , leak fuel and oil Instruction Number 10

Governor Öztürk , leak fuel and oil Instruction Number 10
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Antalya Governor Sebahattin Ozturk , 10 number of fuel leakage and gave instructions for the prevention of the use of oil .

Antalya news:
Fuel smuggling Provincial Coordination Committee Meeting Governor Sebahattin Ozturk was headed .
meeting, Deputy Governor Ali Nazim Balcıoğlu , Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Senior Colonel Ahmed Yurdagül , Provincial Police Director Cemil Tonbul Prosecutor Mehmet Karakaya related institutions officials attended the meeting.
at the meeting, Provincial Social studies and Project Manager Süleyman tame January, since fuel smuggling related to the audits carried out and work on a short making presentations , held in Antalya audits and the audit seized in fuel leakage about the statistical gave information .
Governor Sebahattin Ozturk , fuel smuggling tax loss and lead to unfair competition is and leak fuel vehicles using the nature of the serious sense damage underlining , an important issue , the 10-number oil use issue that was discussed.
10 number oil using vehicle in the traffic of other vehicles protect life and property threatened , pointing out that the Governor Öztürk , number 10 oil usage control regarding the particular exhaust emission controls should be improved and traffic of vehicles into the audit needs to be said.
Governor Ozturk, fuel trafficking and 10 numbers with oil fight more effectively for the conduct in previous meetings with the decision taken in accordance with the relevant institutions technical facilities received 3 exhaust emission vehicle increased by the said .
Governor Ozturk, 10 on the use of oil to prevent all the necessary inspections and criminal in order to use the process to end corporate managers give instructions to the safety of citizens moving in traffic and the city's air pollution will take every precaution to prevent emphasized .

Governor Öztürk , leak fuel and oil Instruction Number 10" comments for.


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