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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 19:57

Governor Serif Yilmaz, the Association of Journalists has had visits

Governor Serif Yilmaz, the Association of Journalists has had visits
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Kutahya Governor Serif Yilmaz, Ihsan Tunçoğl Journalists Association Chairman and Board members were at return visit.

Kütahya news: Kutahya Governor Serif Yilmaz, Journalists Association Chairman Ihsan Tunçoğl and Board members return visit found.
Kütahya Press so far in a negative vision stated that the Governor Yilmaz,"we came to office from the day of Kütahya press since the negative sense, I see nothing . Constructive criticism is already normal, it should be. A if it is incorrect as a journalist, he already told and must be transferred. This is not personal, corporate business and handling. anyone's spiritual şahsıyla should not be about that would be wrong. Featured articles and news constantly trying to read the time When this article to benefit from the section. other provinces it's the same. Ben from news many times capitalizes have. Structures criticisms help us give. O sense if you look at Kütahya contribution that I have a free media. Which task you do, what job you do, no significant Not wrong there are also right there is. Towards a job is being performed in ten should be written. Herewith all press our employees in their work I wish you success,"he said.
Journalists Association Chairman Ihsan Tunçoğl also,"Kütahya media, all institutions and organizations before that As constructive criticism paving the way will be. issue in solving always in cooperation, always in solidarity we might, helpful services constantly support future I want it,"he said.
this user in the community board members Aladdin Akkaşoğl, Nadi Sarıışık, Kamil Uludoğan, Hüseyin Efe Alibeyler with Aydin, Semra Sarıışık Tozar If journalists, Ahmet Demir coachman and life were present.
Tunçoğl President, the Governor Yilmaz Ottoman patterned on a special ceramic plates to commemorate the visit was a gift.

Governor Serif Yilmaz, the Association of Journalists has had visits" comments for.


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