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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 11:40

Governor Sword:\"Everyone will know your job \"

Governor Sword:\
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Governor going crazy crazy Sword Tamer , in the Directorate of Teacher's House and ASO village headmen met neighborhood .

Ardahan news:
Çıldır teachers'houses meeting rooms also held meetings Çıldır Governor Tamer Sword, District Police Commander Kenan Moustache, Special District Administration Deputy Director Efkar Yucel , District Gendarmerie Traffic Time Commander John Acer , and the mayor attended.
at the meeting headmen meet self-introducing Sword \"going crazy in a charming district , and I willingly came here. goal we serve and we received wages deserved. budget's extent according to population density by serving our gap up to solve the problem together, we will try . this issue first headman our major business is falling. Each headman in the village to identify the problem in the selfless acts to do the research . , I in my village now have trouble saying the petition for leave will not go . each headman of the village of problems along with the solutions also investigating to reach us . thus solving problems faster and you will be healthy . you distribute to our headman's duties and powers as written laws, all the devotion I want to examine . Everybody knows how good is the duty and authority to serve the citizens would be so much healthier . Visit will take place in the village , also we would have provided clearer information . We are in the solution phase the shortest period of time realized , \"he said .
Meeting ended after the participants individually shake the Governor Sword, our doors headman our is always open . Problems for a long time talking remedy together to find it declared .

Governor Sword:\"Everyone will know your job \"" comments for.


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