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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 10:54

Governor Visits from nature Güzeloğlu'na get better

Governor Visits from nature Güzeloğlu'na get better
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Mayor Dr. Nevzat Doğan Izmit Kocaeli Governor appointed visiting Hasan Basri was found in Güzeloğlu'na get better .

Kocaeli news: Governor Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu
Kocaeli , İzmit Mayor and councilors were entertained in his office . Visits made ​​a statement before the President of nature , \"time of our visit his new Izmit our vision expressed will . Recent Turkey made ​​its way to the work we new Izmit last 5 years we have made preparations talk about our will . I think our mayor our city and social , both economic and political sense knows a Governor . most recently his work on his own on the positive things we have heard . Hopefully our city for his work this success by increasing the resume . Hopefully he served during the time , we in the office while we were in Kocaeli , so our our country better, useful work will do, \"he said. < br/> Governor Güzeloğlu'na some of the demands would be voicing nature , \"especially wrong parking , traffic in the wrong unregulated applications, the traffic police traffic branch and police more to take place . this issue of our municipality has no authority was . our citizens on this issue grievances against the helpless we are . Bonzai , especially in our city will highlight the second point , and so we struggled against drugs as a municipality is to express . In this sense, the governor of information about our city and our region particularly vulnerable as edeceğ express our Izmit do not want an industrial chimney with smoke on . This issue is very clear and netizen . I wish him success in his new position . I believe wholeheartedly in his new position will be very successful , \"he said .

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