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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:54

Governor visits to the Director of Agriculture from Yenidoğan

Governor visits to the Director of Agriculture from Yenidoğan
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Burhaniye Balikesir Governor Osman Newborn, task beginners Director of Food Agriculture and Livestock Erdal Aldag visit to get better .

Balıkesir news: Photo Governor Osman Newborn, Manager Erdal Aldag wished to be beneficial to the new task. The food , the year the Agriculture and Livestock Directorate then pointed out that the first principal director is appointed Newborn, \"Your new job will be auspicious auspicious . Our district olives and vegetables are cultivated extensively . Let us plenty of projects for this. Let's work together to increase the level of income of our farmers. The olive harvest continue where we'll investigate the issue of whether these days is the documentation of the involved operators during olive processing . If necessary , let's open these courses to be useful . it is produced in Turkey's best olive oil region. let's do whatever it takes to make more money from our farmers , \"he said .
visits from his pleasure voicing Manager Erdal Aldag , \"in order to give the best service to our farmers will produce the project. we will prepare new projects . we'll go to the foot of our farmers. we will try to the best of our business ,\"he said .

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