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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 13:44

Goztepe Bornova full Notes from Rotary

Goztepe Bornova full Notes from Rotary
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Goztepe Rotary Club November meeting was hosted by the Municipality of Bornova.

İzmir news: Goztepe Rotary Club November meeting was hosted by the Municipality of Bornova. Bornova Mayor in office they are visiting Professor. Dr.. Kamil Okyay Sındır'l with Drain should Pavilion and Yesilova mound Visitor Centre browsing the members work in Izmir yuzak said that
Goztepe Rotary Club, November ordinary meeting Bornova Municipality hosted did. Prof. Bornova Mayor. Dr.. Kamil Okyay digest information about the work of the authorities visited in the field Kızıltan Chairman Ali Rehau his Goztepe Hawk Hill Rotary Club members then had breakfast in the restaurant. Here to club members about the work of the Municipality of Bornova a presentation of information where S is the Chairman, responded to questions. After breakfast Bornova Municipality's prestige projects located between the Draa must lodge Bornova City Library and Museum, and soon completed and will be opened Yesilova mound Visitor Center together with the members browsing Chairman Sındır, studies gave information about.
Goztepe Rotary Club President Ali Rehau Kızıltan, Bornova studies conducted with great pleasure Watch, said:"Bornova the municipal services of Izmir with yuzak been one of the cities has become. their study because our President Prof. Dr. Kamil Okyay digest are celebrating. Drain must lodge ' Gaining nude in the city, Yesilova works of art from Mound excavations can be seen in the visitor center is right next rising Bornova studies reflecting the difference,"he said.
Bornova Mayor Prof. Dr.. Download the Goztepe Kamil Okyay came together with members of the Rotary Club of Bornova pleased to tell you that the point where stated. President Sındır,"our district are working diligently to raise living standards. Glorification of our study, the greatest source of joy for us,"he said.

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