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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 10:30

Grammy Award-winning concert pianist in Izmir

Grammy Award-winning concert pianist in Izmir
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Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center ( Aass ) , season with a concert by Grammy Award-winning pianist Michel Camilo opens on October 21 .

İzmir news:
memorable concerts since its opening hosts aass Izmir Metropolitan Municipality , is making a fast start to the 2014-2015 season . To the surprise of the season's opening concert will sign a name . World-renowned , Grammy-winning pianist Michel Camilo , on the evening of October 21 at 20.00 aass will take the stage in the Great Hall for art lovers . Concert under the direction of Chief Ibrahim Yazici , Camilo Arts Symphony Orchestra will accompany the Aegean . Welcomes the new season of art by famous artists and bands will continue to be the heart of the concert in AASSM ; art lovers an unforgettable night will .
aassm'n the new program information related to the past in May, President Aziz Kocaoğlu'nun on the invitation began his career Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Art Consultant Abraham gave the printer . At the same time assumed the artistic director aassm'n pianist and conductor Printer , \"Izmir to the art as much as we try to offer beautiful events and big names in the international arena to bring them hope ,\"he said . In AASSM art very nice concerts and events expected by the said Ibrahim Yazici , \"especially to emphasize that I need , the aass Izmir's pupil , as Turkey is also in this sense has been designed only concert hall . Season opening concert of the world-renowned pianist Michel Camilo , their piano concerto , followed by G. Gershwin's famous Rhapsody in Blue will perform the work . orchestras in the second half from Antonin Dvorak's New World symphony will perform titled \"he said . aass 's October 27, world-renowned trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf concert hosted Stating that the Printer , \"on November 3, our international virtuosos of our Emre Sener our room, a piano recital to do . 8 November at the Chagatay Akyol and Ankara Philharmonic Orchestra, soloists very nice concert will do . three concerts, consisting of a Baroque festival are doing. Listeners are waiting for , \"he said.
aassm'n art calendar this year extraordinary concerts that highlight the printer, said:\"For example, on November 19 an extraordinary art event will be . modern music with each other and engaging Camerata Izmir Orchestra two very important soloist here will be accommodated. Concert in the first half Selva Erdener , Luciano Berio's folk Songs will perform in the second half the legendary theater of our players Genco Erkal , Igor Stravinsky's famous work the Soldier's Story orchestra with our will perform . them , as well as world-renowned flautist Bülent Pets on December 8 virtuoso works consisting of a recital to exhibit . Again, that is a very famous chamber orchestra I Musici di Roma will do a concert on December 10 in our room . Taksim Trio's concert there on December 17 . Legendary cellist Alexander Rudin , this time as both cellist and conductor will meet our audience on December 22 . Another beautiful concert Fazil Say in the December 24 concert. They İzmirli even think all Turkish art lovers able to capture only those activities to monitor future concerts , I think. \"
with young WORKSHOP
this year's activities compared to other years a difference noted that the artist continued by saying:\"bring it here , especially the international standards we have asked the soloists , many of them did not break us . Here, you will be conducting workshops with young artists and will share their knowledge with them . Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, so his collaboration with universities , will show itself in the field of education ; municipalities by the presence of large accumulations coming to Izmir artists and the audience , as well as the opportunity to share them with people who will come after . \"


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