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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 18:55

Grandma and grandson of Accident Victims

Grandma and grandson of Accident Victims
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Denizli van collision with the car in the accident that occurred grandmother and grandson were killed .

Denizli news: According to information obtained
accident, at noon in the town of Denizli Merkezefendi occurred in front of the Cultural Site . Cultural Site attending a wedding held in Hatice Stars (62), daughter of Selma Star , grandchildren Jennifer and Bushra Stars (8) and uses his vehicle plate 20 DL 435 came from the wedding . Immediately after the highway exit used by Sergeant Jennifer F 4675 20 plate van with the rapid multiplication of the way by dragging the vehicle hit a roadside barrier . Minibus swerved while ago after defeating the traffic signs can stand side lying .
State police saw the accident and told the ambulance crew . In a short time the accident scene of the accident the driver of the ambulance crew Hatice Yildiz and grandson were killed 8-year-old Bushra Stars set. Elif Star injured in the accident , the driver of the van Selma Star and first responders to the crash site , Sergeant Jennifer then the team that lifted the wounded to the hospital Servergazi . The police team also came to the scene took the road safety measures . Meanwhile, relatives of those killed in the accident , also arrived at the scene . Those who want to look for relatives of the deceased policeman removes the last time , was seen near the police wrapped networks . After the accident, eight-year-old Bushra Star's body from the rear window Taking luggage on top of that and toys from the vehicle dash was observed.
Prosecutor's his review after the funerals of Pamukkale University Hospital morgue has been removed. Police launched an investigation into the accident .


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