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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 15:37

Grandparents were Peeing wishes Transmission

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In Manisa day Spring Festival every year, which has become a door of hope Peeing Dede Mausoleum is visited by hundreds of people .

In Manisa day Spring Festival every year, which has become a door of hope Peeing Dede Mausoleum is visited by hundreds of people . Of bushes bushes behind the stone walls of the fortress solder connects to the wishes of the citizens , Peeing grandfather found interesting requests . Holiday home in Kusadasi between requests , as well as in Karşıyaka 3 +1 apartment in KPSS wishes of success and also took part in the civil service . In celebration of Spring Festival
hundreds of people in Manisa , Spiller Saruhan Bey lived in the foothills of a saint is said to have flocked to the shrine . Wishes come true , especially for women tried to stone adhesion to walls . Do not fall into the stone adhesion and women who believe that the wish will come true , requests a hand drawing on paper hanging from bush to bush pinned. High school students enter college paper when hanging on the walls , drew a picture of the house was not home , did attach to the branches of trees . They do not have children cradles hung on tree branches . Some women on their heads crowns of foliage , while they do not know why they do it because it's just a tradition continued to do , he said. In previous years Peeing grandfather came to the wishers and wishes that are considered living in Manisa, biscuits and delight distributing new wish has been found.
Want to marry girls ring the university entrance exams will be students who want to attend their school names of the written papers trees hung , pray and Quran some women read the Quran business to his sons , some married women to their husbands, business and cars , while families of children with disabilities from birth found in health care wishes . Peeing grandfather not only of Manisa and İzmir citizens flocked to the environment of residential areas .
Spil Mountain , on the outskirts of the old city walls Saruhan Bey said to be the tomb of a saint lived , especially in Spring Festival is visited by thousands of people . Manipur is one of the towers of the fortress still standing and is believed to be the tomb of the tomb of grandfather Peeing walls and trees, with articles written each day Hıdrellez are equipped with requests .

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