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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 14:35

Grapes are countless Benefits

Grapes are countless Benefits
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Alaşehir Commodity Exchange President Hussein told Soygi benefits of grapes .

Manisa news: Grapes of the benefits to count over said Soygi , \"The Leaves, seeds, water them all individually have their merits , but as a country grape consumption not sufficient . Achieve this , consumption to increase in various fields , we are working ,\"he said .
Turkey's grape used as a warehouse assessed in the Manisa district with the start of grape season Alaşehir Commodity Exchange President Hussein is Soygi , held a press conference . Grape explaining the benefits of Settling , \"Grape almost alone, a vitamin store, pharmacy. Benefits are countless . Surely regularly should be consumed a food ,\"he said .
grapes related at different times by various researchers every day a new benefit is determined noted Settling , \"Ordu University , Faculty of Agriculture , Department of Horticulture , Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Turan Black, grapes , B1, B2, vitamin C , as well as within the body of potassium , magnesium-containing grapes human health in terms of a stand-alone pharmacies , he said . Again by researchers determined according to the data of grapes , headaches , cancer disorders, such as protective duties assumes . Asaba disrupted those grapes to eat if can relax by the kidney and liver function improves anemia in the treatment is effective. blood to be cleaned , the body of fat to melt helps , \"he said .
\" accumulated in the body PESTS excretes \"
grapes , especially the heart and blood vessels in terms of diluting the blood cardio-vascular system to work regularly is helping Settling expressing , he continued:
\"with Contains material that resveratrol protects the body against cancer . Regulate the operation of speeding up the digestive tract . To get rid of leprosy raisins should be eaten in abundance . Pregnancy or sour grape juice for relief of swelling in the leg porridge should be wrapped with swollen limbs . Increases sexual power , general body weakness resolves. Healing wounds caused by psoriasis are applying . That contain nutrients, vitamins and minerals through the elixir of beauty and slimming regimes did kullanılmaktadır.cil ensures that fresh and clean look , prevents the formation of inflammation in allergy and arthritis . With that contain bioflavonoids increases the effectiveness of vitamin C . Grapes are overcome halitosis , lung disease , asap disorder , amnesia , anemia, liver weakness , the hoarseness is good. Grape leaf juice medicinal against dysentery and fever comes eye . Replicate breast milk is fresh grapes . Fresh grapes with kidney disease are good . Against cancer should be eaten plenty of fresh grapes . Sweet grapes sexual power is strengthened. If the new fresh grapes raisins are good bowel disease and colitis . Black grapes, heart, liver , spleen, stomach and minds heals diseases , strengthens the heart , shortness of breath is good. Arteriosclerosis raisins is good , the cough hack , the bile to removing , sputum to dispel , mouth sores is improving . \"
\" DRY be consumed as a cure is \"
Grapes of headache that religion , urinary tract infection that expressed against the Settling healing , \"the body in extreme fatigue and exhaustion raisin compote drink. Beaten with raisins deep and inflamed sores on domestic oil issues , if you take out the inflammation , if the warts on the subject dissolves . Raisins to shake hands and feet and is good for nervous weakness , hoarseness resolves. Menstrual blood is removed raisin compote , tuberculosis and hemorrhoids , it is good , cough cuts , prevents calcification . To prevent excessive menstrual bleeding should be eaten raisins . Grapes come herbs to intestinal inflammation . Grapes of body fat daily, if the new man is zekileştir , forgetfulness fixes . The pitted black raisins menstruation is removed. Grape leaves medicinal water is coughing up blood and stomach pains . Opens raisins sound asap, is strengthened. Grape must defeat against intestinal pain . Boiled garlic gargle against toothache grapes should be done. Grapes have high blood pressure reduces , removes constipation , pregnant women nausea prevents \"he said .
\" PALACE is good \"
Again, Dr. Black Sea According to the findings of the grape arthritis also prevents Settling Hussein stating , \"Fresh grapes defeated prevent arthritis in knees , rheumatism and joint inflammation is beneficial. In elephantiasis vinegar mixed with the ashes of grape trees on the topic useful if the swelling comes . Grape leaves mixed with the hair are washed hair lengthens , \"he said . Grape kernel like him health store , indicating that the Settling words said:
\"Grape seed glare to night blindness , varicose veins, bleeding gums , such as hay fever discomfort good income . The benefits are countless grapes , leaves, seeds, water them all individually have different benefits , but as a country we're not at a sufficient level in the consumption of grape . To achieve this, consumption , we are working in different areas to improve . \"

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