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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:17

Great Leader Atatürk Commemoration in Gauner

Great Leader Atatürk Commemoration in Gauner
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Gaziantep University (GAIN ) in the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, organized by the 76 Anniversary of the death , memorial after placing a wreath at Ataturk Cultural Center Ataturk Memorial in front of the GAA's Councillor was held .

Gaziantep news: Photo GAIN prepared by the Department of Radio and Television Technology program beginning with Ataturk Documentary Gaziantep University Rector Dr. Yavuz Coskun, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Gur, Professor Dr. Fahrettin Göğüş , Prof. Dr. Türkay Dereli and Prof. Dr. Cahill Bağcı , Advisor to the President , Prof. Dr. M. Yasar GÜNDOĞDU , General Secretary Ercan Eroglu, students participated in a number of academic and administrative staff of the GAA .
Turkish Music State Conservatory Speaking after a music concert prepared by the lecturer Gaziantep University Rector Dr. Yavuz Coşkun , Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's vision, with yazmışlıg read , important as it will go before the heroism displayed courage in battle and stressed that a great leader. Photo by Prof. Dr. Coskun, \"has been advised to work with people , contemporary civilization of the target show was a leader then at that rate determination to work on own experience of speed , cehd on working power and the future of contemporary civilization capture unfortunately it was not enough . 91-year history of our Republic that initial determination , continue the efforts we are able to what we saw so that it is clear evidence of . economic collapse in many areas , we encounter problems and contemporary civilization of us target shows we encountered political instability, and democracy in our interrupted way of preventing the coup yönlendirilemeyip by trained scholars of our religious understanding by producing a variety of unregistered religious understanding skidding , overturn today very undesirable always aware of the different samples together , \"he said .
\"understanding of Ataturk , knowing , knowing what happened in the historical concept but sometimes we have to recognize that it is wrong , saying , \"said Rector Dr. Coskun, Ataturk's political strife , said people can not be a tool for their ideological stance , \"Everybody's less than Ataturk or multi-take courses , there has been much to learn . Ataturk pulling to one side secularism or use as Ataturk instruments on these issues , such as anti-secular it is an insult rather large man . But we Atatürk, at least in this Republican era I do not think that described in the year where we live. I always inaccessible, always somewhere high up and just sloganic some sentences that are described by a Atatürk was saying \"expression was not described fully Atatürk . Photo civilized civilization , underlining that it is essential concepts such as democracy and freedom Rector Dr. Coskun, \"this geography should not be involved in an effort like Ataturk to get to or near the opposite of religion. The geography of the people democratically , without interfering with each others'language no one have sought understanding of democracy used until the end of individual freedom without putting back their freedom. It were placed against religious or anti-religious had been Palestine wherein , he would not consider persecution have fallen there in Jerusalem. but you can not use the other side of Ataturk as an ideological deaf rough secularism of freedom that are not blind secularism from the instrument. Ataturk was a great leader it does not ever debate but certainly can not be disputed , five is the top position in can not be regarded as never , \"he said . the Rector , Prof. Photo GAI Dr. After the opening speech of enthusiasm'Ataturk and Turkey called GAIN presenters Dean of Faculty of Education Dr. Nuri Yavuz \"Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Turkey has pioneered Republic State of establishment and the state of everything in the process, until today the establishment of the laid a solid foundation in his own time , this foundation was built on the present-day Republic of Turkey is saying,\"Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's lived since childhood environmental conditions in which the formation of worldview and found to play a very important role , he said . stating that the signing of the Lausanne Peace Treaty at the end of the national struggle , Prof. Photo Dr. Yavuz , \"Today's the title of the Republic of Turkey is the Lausanne Peace Treaty . The determination of our current limit has been with the Lausanne Peace Treaty. Freedom, owe our independence Lausanne Peace Treaty . Republic of Turkey and its citizens freely it is well accepted in the world of public land in Lausanne is the Peace Treaty \"he said.


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