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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:19

Greek Cypriot National Guard was hidden practice, citizens were not even notice

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Greek Cypriot National Guard Army ( RMMO ) , 3 days , Greece and Israel reportedly made ​​a secret exercises with the participation .

Lefkoşa news: Greek newspapers said the practice of secretly failed, Greek citizens even stated that notice of the exercise. Photo Cypriot published in Politis newspaper in cutting, drill, rmmo all vehicles with Greek Army air , he joined the army and the navy ; I wrote yesterday that in the exercise of their fighter planes to Israel. Newspapers , not to create tension in the name of the exercise is kept confidential ; although some information is leaked and the Greek Ministry of Defence said that to make any definitive comments on this issue. Yesterday scope of practice, in Larnaca , which brought the commandos from Crete C-130 Greek air force newspaper stating started doing jumps from aircraft paratroopers , exercise, Greek Regiment ( We EL) also wrote that he participated in the tank forces. Newspapers , privacy, whether called upon to exercise the expedition grounds, but said he received instructions to present at some of the ready . Photo in the news, this exercise many years versatile that are not due to work on the Cyprus problem, \"Nikiforos-Toksotis \"which is similar to the administration said. Newspapers , some people who are knowledgeable about defense, this exercise is done every year , but they say that he wrote a much smaller place . The report, the first results of the exercise , and pointed out a pretty good coordination of air defense systems , \"enemy aircraft \"that were recorded in the disposal . The newspaper, and is located in the RMMO helicopter in practice \"enemy forces \", he said provides bridge services in the fight against . The newspaper a Photo On the other hand Simerini , the practice of the Greeks when recording not announced by the Ministry of Defence , it is the ministry of the policy to avoid the announcement of the action that touches on sensitive defense issues I wrote about that . Newspapers , tatbikatla about the details of , the recording will be announced after the completion of the exercise , although the practice of secret even be noticed by the citizens , he said . The report, the aircraft participating in the Greek Air Force exercise , in Paphos \"andreaspapandre the \"Air Base was recorded can be seen that in . Photo Meanwhile, some Greek newspapers , Turkey, NATO , USA, UK and Pakistan's eastern Mediterranean'they also transfer his knowledge in the exercise . Fileleftheros and Alithia newspaper , exercises which will last until 12 November , starting today , Turkey would join the nine warships and wrote two warplanes and fed them with the details of the exercise.

Greek Cypriot National Guard was hidden practice, citizens were not even notice" comments for.


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