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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:53

Greek F-16 jet to Turkey from Harassment

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Chief of Staff training flight in international airspace in the Aegean Sea, which carries four Turkish F-16 aircraft belonging to Greece by two F-16 aircraft radar lock for 30 seconds harassed by maintaining said.

Ankara news: Harassment rules of engagement under the responses made ​​were reported.
Chief of Staff of the website \"Daily activities included under\"According to the information , the Air Force Command's six F-16 aircraft with the Turkey-Syria border along the line patrol flight is executed were recorded. < br/> in addition, four F-16 aircraft with the Aegean Sea in international airspace training flight made ​​the statement , \"mentioned during the mission aircraft, Greece by two F-16 aircraft by 30 seconds with a radar lock by maintaining harassment has been . rules of engagement under the abuse response has been made \"the statement said .
Naval Forces Command, TCG Salihreis ship Black Sea Harmony Operation under the station served as a . 1 maritime patrol aircraft reconnaissance and surveillance flights in international airspace in the Mediterranean was exercised . NATO's Operation Active Endeavour during flight support was provided.
CYPRUS TE GREEK followed closely in drilling work
Mediterranean Shield in charge of Operation TCG Gallipoli, the Greek Cypriot administration in the Island of Cyprus in the south so-called oil-gas exploration licenses in the fields of drilling operations that Bahamian-flagged SAIPEM-10000 offline platform ships five nautical miles so nine kilometers from the tracking task execution had .
United Nations UNIFIL sea participating in operations TCG Yavuz station off Lebanon was exercised . Noble Mariner -2014 NATO , who will participate in Exercise TCG Sakarya , Spain has continued to ride the city of Cartagena . NATO Permanent MKT Task Force-2 ( SNMCMG-2), officials TCG Erdek , Spain Cartagena city of port visits began.
NATO's Standing Naval Task Group-2 ( SNMG-2) on duty in the TCG Kemalreis , has participated in Operation active Endeavour in the western Mediterranean , on the expiry of Spain began to visit the harbor route . Combined Task Force-151 ( CTF-151 ) who participated in Operation Against Piracy TCG Gemlik Gulf of Aden transferred to the police station by performing continued. Operations were performed in educational activities, a total of 20 cruise ships .
Coast Guard reconnaissance and surveillance operations in the Black Sea with the first boat , with four boats in the Turkey-Syria border , as well marine traffic control task execution had .
Armed Forces also spoke of unity between October 2-25 and operational area of ​​responsibility will be to participate in Exercise Lightning Mobilization .

Greek F-16 jet to Turkey from Harassment" comments for.


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