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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 20:24

Greek immigrants they catch again was let into Turkish Territorial Waters

Greek immigrants they catch again was let into Turkish Territorial Waters
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The Aegean coast guard teams within 2 days caught 195 illegal immigrants .

İzmir news: Some of leakage , Greek crews was caught was put forward again the Turkish territorial waters released. According to a statement from the Photo İzmir Governorship , Coast Guard crews, 11 and illegal immigrants caught in 6 separate operations on 12 November . In the first one , yesterday 158 Coast Guard Alarm Line an immigrant assistance upon request made ​​by the İzmir's Çeşme district front 38 males, 12 females , including 35 in Syria, 10 Eritrea, 3 Fiscal and 2 Dominican Republic nationals rescued a total of 50 migrants. Rescued migrants, some time after the sail Greece received by the Coast Guard boat and suggested that they postponed the Turkish territorial waters. In other operations on the same day , Ayvacık of the Dardanelles , Musellim my gate open at 8 males, 6 females , 6 boys and 7 girls all Afghan nationals rescued a total of 27 immigrants. Photo 4 separate operations in 118 people are arrested Photo Nowadays the operation, Balıkesir Ayvacık on naked Island , 8 male, 4 female and 2 male children , including Afghan nationals were all rescued a total of 14 migrants. Karaburun town of Izmir , spun bearing front of the 21 men and 1 boy up to 11 Syria, 11 Eritrean nationals rescued a total of 22 migrants. They are captured by the Greek Coast Guard boat was put forward by the rescued migrants and they dropped back into Turkish waters. Group of irregular migrants have been identified in Mugla Turkish-flagged vessel SEVDA I called in front of Bodrum , 49 men, 5 women and 1 boy all Syrian nationals , including a total of 55 migrants were rescued . İzmir's Çeşme district , Syrian nationals , including 26 males and 1 female over Strait Island has recovered a total of 27 immigrants. Photo On the other hand , experienced in the Aegean Sea in 2013, 251 in the event , said the arrest of 6 thousand 937 irregular migrants rescued 71 migrant smugglers . If in the year 2014 so far, 492 events occurred in the Aegean Sea , was reportedly captured 12 thousand 269 irregular migrants rescued 64 migrant smugglers .

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