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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 15:03

Green Bursa A Step Closer

Green Bursa A Step Closer
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'More livable and green Bursa environment with the aim of carrying out its services in the Municipality , Ismet and Demirtas neighborhoods commissions system that allows transfer of East Wastewater Treatment Plant's wastewater.

Bursa news: Photo of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is an important step that will breathe more livable and scope of activities conducted in the Nilüfer Stream, to make healthier than discarded. Demirtas and Ismet neighborhood in East Wastewater flowing waste water streams Treatment Plant, the connection was made ​​.
Mayor Recep Altepe, Municipality and viewed over the work with BUSKİ bureaucrats, the waste water pump that transfers to the treatment plant system was run personally . < br/> to purify the pollution of streams that connect to Lotus and Lotus stream explaining life again find continued rapidly crucial activity for the President Altepe , \"Metropolitan Municipality and with BUSKİ'contemporary values ​​we want in terms of Green Bursa to rebuild and environment Our investment in achieving rapid progress. with wastes of enterprises , especially in the plains of a significant portion of residential sewage and household waste in the region Ismet creek to , Deliçay and flowed in Lotus River on over them . one of the main pool forms of pollution Nilufer Stream settlements in this region and industry associations were found in the area . The work we started , and all the plain spread collector lines are prevented from connecting to the stream direct expenses in these areas and is assured of transferring waste to the treatment plant , \"he said .
Nations Quarter, Samanli, reminding Foundations region and other regions also performed similar studies Altepe President ,\"So up Demirtas, with Ismet and the surrounding residential neighborhood , about 50 thousand people live in areas of sewage and factory costs in the region of the creek flowed Ismet . Demirtas and Ismet made ​​by the BUS in about 15 million TL (15 trillion ) of investment and collector lines , entirely possible to receive this waste collectors Demirtas and Ismet region with the environment. Waste, comes the collector pump station at about 80 cm in diameter and there is transferred to the the introduction of the docking station wastewater treatment plant , \"he said . President stressed that they want to restore to its former beauty Photo Bursa Altepe, \"step with this work step , we have saved the Bursa plain . More recently , will be prevented from flowing into streams of waste water in the entire region. Our goal is to clean Nilufer Stream flow for a moment before . Bad images will no longer be involved in history, \"he said.


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