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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 17:29

Green Crescent Head Karaman Addiction Conference

Green Crescent Head Karaman Addiction Conference
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Turkey Temperance Society Chairman Ihsan Karaman, Konya Chamber of Commerce ( KTO ) Karatay Ünvirsetisi youngsters, \"Fighting Addiction and Temperance Society \"conference gave .

Konya news:
Konya Chamber of Commerce ( KTO ) Karatay held at the University participating in the program Turkey Temperance Society Chairman Ihsan Karaman teens'Addiction Struggle and the Temperance Society \"conference gave . Addiction is a disease , man's foot hit the shackles of slavery and likening his speech began Karaman \"Our rights , our hukukumuza , take the liberty he had an argument should not interfere with us . Actually, the opposite case applies dependencies . Because if a person is dependent on what is happening and his minions are losing real freedom . Originally a human being in our environment ; If we parent our children , our students think we teach , we love addiction tend to have a friend is to realize that when the real issue . Because research in all fields of cigarettes , drugs until the dependencies captured after the treatment , purification is now clean as a person back to life , bringing them very difficult and very costly shows that , \"he said .
\" EVERY DAY A plane full of our people smoking:DYING \"
in the world, 6 million people in Turkey 120 thousand people from smoking, lost his life that expresses Karaman, conversation continued as follows:
\"30 years of terror in the struggle many of our people died . Something like 30-40 thousand . See the first years of terrorism , but the war is not an accident , not murder , not only to get pleasure from smoking one year 120 thousand of our people are dying. 77 million 120 thousand less than the number of citizens can be detected. In other words , 300 people per day because non of us goes missing every day . Alcohol , drugs, even if I'm not . 300 people means a larger plane full of people . We need to tell it . You repeat 10 times a day to your spouse , your friendly ... As an example , we would get up every morning , you can turn on the television . Morning news , he says, a Turkish Airlines plane crashed today . 300 citizens lost their lives . The next morning the news again, you are opening a Turkish Airlines plane crashed today . 300 citizens lost their lives . This is going to continue and such . Going and going for years . Are you able to imagine this scenario , if you could stand up to this scenario ? No one can stand . If such a thing were true . Every day was a plane fell 300 citizens died in the aviation sector in the country , I'm sure it would be canceled . It's a terrifying thing . But we are aware of a secret real live stand every day a plane full of people equal to the number of our people from smoking is dying. \"
Karaman, in recent years young people lost their lives that cause bonzai about talking ,\"Grass is there is no harm , marijuana such marketing would . Now for bonzai this nonsense out. Bonzai looks like grass . Just because a tree is the name of the association is doing weed . That's so smart barons of industry , and in so cruel a synthetic chemical substance taken from the Bonzai transfer fluid render it spray weeds as we all know , are trading absorb . Thus, in the eyes of young people falling into this trap for the first time something like this will do more harm perception of cannabis is being generated. 3-5 pounds of money will make up their minds to use the phrase also can be obtained bonzai . So, the danger of a second kind , very cheap and can be accessed very comfortable , the second death in a single dose can bring extremely dangerous . Because unscrupulous people who did it and who market these vandals , killer versions , \"he said .


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