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  • 04 Haziran 2014, Çarşamba 17:29

Greenpeace has Encompassing Cameron's house with Wire Mesh

Greenpeace has Encompassing Cameron's house with Wire Mesh
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Greenpeace members in England , the country that tried to be the law on shale gas drilling to protest British Prime Minister David Cameron's house found in wire mesh turning the protests .

Londra news: Cameron's Oxfordshire home in
with wire mesh protesters turn their houses and possessions of the British people to dig and mine without permission under the law , which allows calls to protest . They prepare to large banners , \"we will give your home during the excavation under apologize for the inconvenience \"by demonstrators chanted slogans against the government for a long time . While the police after the incident in the region of the demonstrators dismantle the fence and the Prime Minister asked them to leave the house . After the event, made ​​a statement Greenpeace members of people without their permission under their house excavation should not be done by saving different energy modalities should be consulted , he said.
In the UK for a while controversial shale gas drilling with the law of the British Government cheaper fuel production to achieve targets. Environmentalists in the country is located within the rocks of shale gas extraction states that the nature of the damage . According to a recent study conducted in the UK is estimated to be 1.3 trillion cubic meters of shale gas .
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Greenpeace has Encompassing Cameron's house with Wire Mesh" comments for.


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