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  • 08 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 15:12

Grow , invest more in County Champions

Grow , invest more in County Champions
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AK Party deputy Dr. Adiyaman

Adıyaman news: AK Party deputy Dr. Adiyaman Growing Murtaza , \"the president Presidential Election Erdogan recently named his support which has made record investments in our Sincik County will continue unabated ,\"he said .
In every election, the AK Party, a strong supporter of the Sincik district more services deserve stated that the Yetis, in certain periods nation remembered in a certain period forget the old Turkey's political reflexes and that the AK Party's new Turkey with such reflexes stated that he believes will completely eliminate . The country's most remote spot on the citizens of Istanbul with the most advanced district in the citizen's equal with the fact that the service they adopted motto stating Grown in 2011, elected to parliament after everywhere trying to reach the nation's his safety to do justice to a great effort , he said.
Hasbi men hasbi service that he had carried it the most beautiful example of the President Erdogan stressed that the Yetis, \"We are all accountable a duty . Yola while we do all the work of God's consent to be eligible will endeavor also , we need to strive to do . Sincik ever with new investments have introduced , to introduce will continue . Champions our district for more investment deserves . slogan of our fraternity and their wishes for himself that his brother does not wish for the end of what would be aware of are moving. Fellowship of the law and our responsibility in the county really needs areas that I've found . their early hospital needs , road problems and meant non-bank branch . We rolled up our sleeves to work every 3 . After long efforts to fulfill the need in all three areas of the EDA would like gratitude . Certain points in a very short time with a long occupation that we have seen some investment provisions in the concrete . Selected before and after the 2011 elections, during our visits to the district Sincikl our brothers Sincik us our promise to provide our district took a bank branch . At that time we have established with the General Directorate of Agricultural Bank immediately contacted finally got results. Where in the last month of the establishment of branches were identified . Hopefully these shortcomings will be resolved on September 10 . Sincik Branch of the Agricultural Bank of 10 September we will be opening our promise fulfilled .
Indoor sports hall got to the front investment . Ground surveys will be tender after the construction period and will be completed by summer 2015 . Thus, in 2015 received planning indoor sports hall project in 2014 , we have received . I hope the young people in this hall in 2015 Sincikl will enjoy doing sports , \"he said .
This year, the most in-Malatya road Sincik voiced transferred a large allowance Growing said ,\"This issue also takipçisiyiz . Sincik way to connect to the completion of Malatya is very important to our district . We're all trying to complete the formula . Indeed, the life of this investment was worth the sweat we shed to find . Of course, this is very important for development of our county, but none of them imagined that our world is not enough for civilization . Our nation is always worthy of a lot better . Sincikl our sister show of loyalty at a time . Investments and projects deserve much better , \"he said .

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