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  • 25 Haziran 2014, Çarşamba 18:02

grow ; \"No one's understanding of religion as a Querying Our morals None

grow ; \
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AK Party deputy Dr. Adiyaman .

Adıyaman news: AK Party deputy Dr. Adiyaman . Murtaza Yetis , Roof candidate in the said action against the explanation that the Felicity Party Adiyaman Central District Chairman Hasim Asnuk his description can not read anyone's understanding of religion to question the intention that they have said.
Yetis, \"Roof Candidate \"the AK Party June, the Provincial Advisory Council said at the Felicity Party is a direct criticism that there are seven patchwork as stated Ihsanoglu Felicity and BBP piety and religious as CHP, the Kemalists , the MHP so idealistic , so the Labor Party could take votes from the base case of nationalist try to specify said . Description corresponds to a district president description of the Okuyama the improper use phrases is unacceptable that said the Yetis, the presidential election on his and misunderstood description corresponded to the district president comes to your mind sort has not been reacted harshly said .
\"Felicity Party General Chairman Mr. Kamala Vice President and General Şerafettin Sword, Ihsanoglu's candidacy in the left the door open stating statements gave . Hashim guys own chairman and vice-chairman of the explanations in writing may pass . this name after the announcement of \"Turkey and our nation in terms is gratifying ,\"said its chairman thereof. Currently our explanation the roof is not bundled candidates call and seven patched we refer to as Ihsanoglu Felicity and BBP piety as religious , CHP Kemalists , MHP far idealistic , the Labour Party as a nationalist in the case of the base of the votes can be tried to identify . meant what we call \"bundle candidates as\"Ihsanoglu'Tayyip Erdogan's take anti-façade of the entire game , but his account is that it's possible . This description of the Felicity Party distorting our understanding of religion stating that we are questioned , it is unconscionable that there is also a description of the party's president Adiyaman Province stated that we should misunderstand . Like anyone to question our understanding of religion is not an ethic . Anyone who knows us knows that closely . Conversely, under the guise of religion and political line for many years , offering exclusive understanding with different understandings of religious considerations always were across the street . Prime Minister's One Minute output against Israel applied izzetl policies BOP co-chair of the ascribe is that fairy tales have proven to be the Israeli persecution against Abdulhamid since the clearest and most courageous attitude showing as a leader in the Islamic geography as we hope to be demonstrated , although still Felicity Party by a district chief in the language of nationalist criticism is significant . This language is not the language of brotherhood . His reading misunderstands the subconscious give up the \"BOP co-chair of the party's müntesib the blood of Muslims at the hands is not dry unacceptable\"Using expressions district president we recommend something, to declare statement before the owner what you mean at least a phone call to ask . In the same breath we take on the Mavi Marmara tweet the message is distorted . The existence of a parallel judiciary is firmly in the middle . Given the recent judgment of this is fairly easy to understand . Listening to the office of the Prime Minister has done by entering a nolle prosequi can be given to the team . While in the middle of this decision be given evidence in decisions about the judiciary is now much more skeptical approach to the leads. Mavi Marmara and Palestine, free of Jerusalem stance is clear in the case . Throughout our lives free Palestine, we fought for free to Jerusalem will continue . Mavi Marmara on the case the government will also ortadayken , prime minister a national cause as sahiplenmişk a long time be issued and December 17 coup attempt, then this decision in a moment of granting only the scheduling draw attention to the horse I tweet even in this statement unfair and distorted that has taken place . Middle of the war on Gaza region of Palestine and the Palestinian people can go to the next stop for me personally as one showing the alleged improper practice is not unrealistic to extend the right to use the language with expressions that would like to enter . In addition, the Felicity Party General Chairman Mr. Kamala \"Imagine nearly word of God , or even Lit-i Celal even opposed a mindset as a result, the Islamic Cooperation Organization Secretary General who had made a name common as a candidate can offer. This in my opinion both as regards Turkey and our nation, both in terms of our pleasing situation in terms of the Republican People's Party , \"explained the president is doing , unfortunately one of their districts , said its president , even a full reading of the air enters from the defense . Even in the description of their overall head of the Presidential exactly what I did not read the description of the head of a county misunderstanding'm normal lives . Like everyone else, our friends in this new way to Turkey to act with the AK Party, I'm çağıy . Our historical responsibility requires it , \"he said .

grow ; \"No one's understanding of religion as a Querying Our morals None" comments for.


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