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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 15:39

Growing Motherless Child Drama in Five Burning Heart Handle

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Kulp district of Diyarbakir , broke our hearts five siblings who lost their mother's life is approximately 1.5 years ago.

Diyarbakır news: Wife of the 5 children with the death of both mother and father who Seyed Mohammad Okşaş , giving the one-room struggle for survival at home. Photo Kulp , who lost his wife 1.5 years ago , Seyed Mohammad Okşaş children Türkan , Slender, Recep , Serdar and with Aydin one-bedroom home gives a struggle for survival . Deceased spouse 4 years hospital expenses father specifies that remain of no accumulation because it meets Okşaş , \"I took a great deal of distress for my stay, my wife's illness due to continuous hospital. I'm not working at the moment can not find a suitable job for myself. I have no source of income. A female patient , no my money it will take you to the hospital , \"he said .
\" cHILDREN I GAVE can be aNY sUPPLIES was nOT \"Photo of children to the father stating that remain of no victuals to eat Okşaş , \"I have no house , in the house of a peasant I was staying in . as the home side moved to the house we're out with five yetimi . staying 25 merekarelik a house belonging to the moment my father . we use the bathroom is a part of the kitchen a part of for this room as we in the bedroom part . My father , my father is not a good financial situation and my mother both also make the point in hand but both because they like to see in a restricted way of being old and living but they can look after themselves , \"he said .
\" financial difficulties bECAUSE OF CHILDREN my OKUTAN not I COME TO STATUS \"Photo stated that the father of three children went to school Okşaş , \"I came to school unable to read my kids . Will migrate to other places and I do not have no case to be moved to a new home . Friendly neighbors are trying to get along with my dad and he gave me food and supplies . We entered into a major annoyance with my children . Desperate and do not know what to do , we are miserable , \"he said .
\" SHOES TAKE I SOCKS NO , SOCKS TAKE I UPPER NO \"motherhood and the
children and also tell the paternity Okşaş , \"I am interested in all their household chores . My kids will go to work , I also have no case left alone elsewhere . My kids are miserable upstream , no socks getting shoes, no socks getting my superiors always available and do not catch up with nothing missing . I'm puzzled what to do, \"he said .
\" EVER ANY SUPPORT I RECEIVE \"Okşaş states that the narrative Photo Thread with a petition multiple times District Governor , \"Kulp District Social Welfare I explained my situation with the Foundation by applying written petition. But in the meantime the last time ever I have not received any help and support. My only wish my children's future , I was miserable , but they are not my children for the state authorities and waiting for help from charitable people miserable , \"he said .

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