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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 15:10

Gtb , Fistikci Site Liaison Office Opened

Gtb , Fistikci Site Liaison Office Opened
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Gaziantep Mercantile Exchange Chairman Ahmet Tiryakioğlu, since the first day they came to the mission of the main agenda items always stated that the pistachios , \"named after our city unique , we strive to increase the production of our product quality and yield ,\"he said .

Gaziantep news: I GATEM Photo GTB Fistikci was opened by a ceremony which was built on the site of the liaison office . Fistikci sites trades of the opening of the commissioned liaison office in line with demand , Southeastern Anatolia Exporters Union Coordinator Chairman Abdulkadir predicament , Chairman Fistikci Chamber of Hasan Karaoğlan , President of the Association of Gaziantep Pistachio Industry Ilhan Eralp , GATEM Trades and Industry Leaders Association President Anwar Honey , Fistikci President of Site Ali Demir , GTB Assembly and Board Members as well as a large number of peanut producers and agents . Photo Tiryakioğlu, in his speech at the opening of liaison offices , there are 11 of us in our different professions stock group. But there is one of them that our city was called Antep FIS we a different location next to us to represent and importance , \"he said . Since the first day they came to a Photo Quest of pistachio , shall be recorded , describing the efforts to take part in the incentive system Tiryakioğlu said:
\"24 May, our market initiatives , with the support of the other rooms and industrial organizations in'pistachio Joint Intelligence Committee'set up in the Ministry of Agriculture before we started our venture . Lawmakers in Ankara with the participation of our Gaziantep Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Mehdi Dear Eker'l have made a call. There are problems and our expectations as experienced in Gaziantep pistachios delegation have expressed individually. Perhaps the biggest and most serious step taken so far for the pistachio always this way we have taken together. Another study at the department level we continued on the pistachios help us Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture was held in Ankara with the participation of the Bronze Come on . Here we have the start of the life of this plan is urgently needed to gain by making the first calls for the establishment of pistachio Action Plan . The history of our city , as well as August 31 in chick yield estimated by the participation of all stakeholders in our respective institutions , we organized a workshop on . Hoarding , and we see significant its ability to prevent the unregistered this meeting Crop Production General Office, the President Mehmet Sığırcı was headed . \"Photo Pistachio that high value-added export item records to conduct studies abroad to be Tiryakioğlu, they create technical inspection team for Pistachio voiced. Photo pistachio all relevant institutions and in the field of the organization's delegation, which included those skilled in December would be found in a variety of investigations in Iran and the United States said Tiryakioğlu, \"as you know, these countries are our two biggest competitors in the world market. Our committee Pistachio production in these countries , they found their place in research , processing and marketing issues . Our goal is incomplete and our spare our seeing our products in the international arena to increase the contribution of recognition to and exports , \"he said .
On the other hand opening made ​​into service GTB Liaison Office of Fistikci indicating that belong to all traders and producers in Site Tiryakioğlu, \"Come here, your chat , trade and your Make your conversation here . We believe that this place was made for you and contribute to the negotiations to be held here even pistachio \"found expression . Photo Tiryakioğlu, the manufacturer of peanut speech and then responded to questions related to the industry operators .


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