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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 19:29

Guinness , found it very dangerous to jump Annex

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Retired Buy Commando Namik Ekin , the Guinness Book of Records'in the low-altitude parachute can open old paratrooper'was able to enter the .

İstanbul news: Trial in the technical description of the Guinness did drew attention to find very dangerous .
Guinness , retired Order Commando came to the agenda by parachute from the Bosphorus Bridge announced that Namik Annex jump dangerous .
Namik Ekin , 304,552 record number by Guinness and skip the planned designed into the sea from the lowest in the record Guinness knowledge base by giving 267 740 record member number, the lower record as the oldest parachutist can open the parachute at the lowest altitudes.
world records examination and approval authorities a dangerous consequences occur when examining the laser detection and video frames print out . Annex to the output of the bridge over the jump , pull the parachute opened and the free-fall parachute opened and found that time started to move is 3.23 seconds. Meanwhile, the opening of the parachute when the distance between the foot of the Annex to the sea level 22 feet 43 inches that , the parachute is opened and the time it touches the feet of the sea Namik Ekin said it took 3:58 seconds . Attachment of the foot by jumping from the bridge at the time of the total fall time of entering the water was also calculated as 6.81 seconds, ie about 7 seconds.
< Strong> ONE OF THE Deep Winter
Guinness , then those identified'most dangerous was considered to be one of the jumps he gave in a statement. The parachute jump was not opened up the crop was noted that if the sea pebbles in 4:17 seconds.

Guinness , found it very dangerous to jump Annex" comments for.


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