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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:57

Gulf Health Under Control

Gulf Health Under Control
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Bay Municipality, citizen satisfaction and health study that began in the foreground holding successful continuing every district of the county .

Kocaeli news: Photo Metropolitan police teams that work in coordination with the municipal police on the Gulf Council , kiln operations in the Gulf , patisserie and bakery sales with hairdressers were informed farms were visited . Bay Mayor Baran Ismail informed that checks are stopped on most of the issues from the beginning and trades municipal crews are continuing. Municipal teams informing the trades within the law 5996 No. of Veterinary Services, Plant Health, Food and Feed Law practices, business registration and approval, Food Hygiene and was made a detailed knowledge sharing in the Bread Communiqué topic. Of food sales in the Gulf of Photo municipal team , the collective consumption workplaces and production is done with the minimum technical and hygienic conditions of food contact substances and materials, control of compliance with food and feed legislation and control services also continues uninterrupted. Not only limited studies on a topic , business licenses , manufacturing and checking how the place of the public sale . Experts have found that the audit authorities , shopkeepers and lack of things to do in the Gulf is told . In addition, the sensitivity of a subject to an expression of trades on behalf of the show literally outside the Bay Municipality informs shopkeepers in the best way . Handbooks prepared in accordance with laws, Bread and Bread Varieties Communication Applications Study Guide , Food Hygiene Practices Study Guide , Barber in the Protection of Hygiene and Occupational Diseases Practices Guide is distributed to municipal crews Gulf trades . Teams that transmits information about the content during distribution, took full note of the trades that operate in the Gulf. Citizens and shopkeepers who are satisfied with the audit during the visit:\"We want to convey our thanks for their sensitivity as Mayor of our subject through you, \"they said .
Not only the Körfez'l trades , transfers that need to be informed about these issues in public Police Director Mehmet Gökkaya, \"Municipal we are continuing without interruption in our work in accordance with the President instructions. we will continue to inform our tradesmen . we will bow we do information work to the overall Gulf. tradesmen we evaluated all kinds if we and demand, lack a transferred them to one. District boundaries in serving businesses'occupational hygiene'education, not our team on the need we have prepared himself visited work sites we distribute our brochures tradesmen . Herewith both have visited us and tradesmen , we will have control of their business. we provide information related to the lack of our tradesmen . our objective is to resolve problems of mutual tolerance within . We also treat sensitive tradesmen on this issue . I would like to thank our sensitivity trades , \"he said .

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