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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:38

Güllüce:\"Gotta Protection of Historical Buildings in Urban Regeneration \"

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Environment and Urban Planning Minister Idris Güllüce urban transformation requires the preservation of historical and cultural structures , he said.

Bursa news:
Güllüce Ministers , one of Turkey's largest urban regeneration Lightning will be implemented in the district mayor was briefed by Ismail Hakki Edebali'nin . Güllüce in Bursa urban transformation is difficult , pointing out that \"historical and cultural structures must be protected . Urban transformation just the technical side does not exist. This is just engineering solved not . , Only engineering through the eyes should be viewed in his presentation were announced. Urban transformation of the city in the development and exchange just engineered to look not true. Or other values ​​are ignored would have . neighborhood culture continue each neighborhood separately value the protection of need, \"he said.
Minister Güllüce , urban renewal application for the number and the last word of the situation on the question ,\"two important choice we had. mayors before the elections three months a little break on . Naturally this . elections for two or three months after the jobs, but rail sits .'s why I like this 6 month period was . then across Turkey mayors of urban transformation crypt what we'd started to think . We we connected it to a system . ,'I'm going to do urban renewal , risk areas be declared'when you say do not do . We offer a road map .'Walk with me'call. Because no later reversing this business . Always 3 , 4-speed I need to avoid . Do not stop', not the reverse gear . So margins while pressing the button caution must be pressed , \"he said .
As a ministry of this business umbrella noted that they are facing Güllüce words said:
\"TOKI , Toki and municipalities , ministry and municipal , is making only its citizens or municipalities . When we bring them a far our numbers are changing every day . At this point we're getting better . I was head of the commission when these laws . I chaired the committee that I went through . My gut feeling was saying things I would not be so fast . My own experience , I'd seen in the past , what I know now considers that this process was very slow . I went out of my expectations very quickly . Will accelerate even more . We are supporting . \"

Güllüce:\"Gotta Protection of Historical Buildings in Urban Regeneration \"" comments for.


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