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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 15:28

Gümüshane snowed in

Gümüshane snowed in
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Gümüshane effective rainy weather in recent days in the high parts of the city last night turned black .

Gümüşhane news: At midnight snowfall after the Zigana Mountain in the snow thickness of 15 cm was reached.
About a week since rainfall is dominant in Gumushane meteorological forecasts in the direction of rainfall then last night the air temperature falls with the highest quarters snowfall occurred.
located in Trabzon highway gümüşhane two thousand fifty meters altitude precipitation Zigana Mountain summit , while the most affected areas , where the snow depth was 15 centimeters . Gümüshane the Torul district within the boundaries of the Zigana Mountain to white wrap after numerous citizens year's first wife to see and to explore the region flock while the region's operators saw their interest was quite pleased they said .
From Trabzon his wife and children along with Zigana Mountain Silver Murat Blackwell ride from the ski center and summit of the children themselves could not stand the sight of the first snow of the year at the top of the abdomen , said:\"we love nature . almost every week we come to this region . \"he said.
business for many years engaged in Zigana Mountain Hussein Eroglu 2 thousand 50 feet high at its peak in the first snow of the year last night after 02:00 hours and that the oil reaches about 15 centimeters , he said. Precipitation after many citizens intermediate indicating that Eroglu, \"Snow clumps as ours Our business is getting better . Very density is happening . Zigana profits will be will rain , it will be cold in the fun you get ,\"he said .
Meteorological estimates of snowfall this evening to continue , across the city from tomorrow, the sunny weather is expected to prevail .

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