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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 15:20

Gunner:"Some things do not go right"

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MHP Deputy Chairman and Member of the Presidency Prof.

MHP Deputy Chairman and Member of the Presidency Prof. Zuhal Artillery, Mehmet Akif Ersoy University (MAKI) Women's Problems Research and Application Center to participate in a conference organized by came to Burdur.
MHP Burdur Province Organization, Vice President Prof. Zuhal Artillery, were greeted at the provincial borders. Artillery meet with the party in the provincial building, answered reporters' questions. Agenda of the country talking about the Artillery, said :"B g's Burdur, especially our university at the invitation came, but at least our city to visit with our friends the opportunity to chat we find he came. Today's most important problem of the media followed classrooms there is the issue. A single classroom not the issue. Problems of education in Turkey is the problem. bit later, classroom representatives will meet with. chat with them will. really few people decide. 'If I did, it was,' he says. these from 7 to 70 everyone concerning a decision. Our future generation is related to our decision."
country generally speaking, some things go right said Gunner, said continued :"Ö especially with terrorists bargain and the country's future darkened be, the division for the concessions made to terrorists had now reached the stage and the place where the 'stop' should be called for, we would like to share them with our people."Consciousness to awaken 9 rally expressed Artillery, said continued :"B s 9 in our province realized. Turkey Sevdalıları, the Nationalist Movement Party unchanged for years from the line movement in this country unrequited love it. Dislikes will continue to . Future generations of this philosophy needed to tell the fight will do. Homeland absence, the country in the absence of human absence of experience, meaning not all. we MHP our people as foot're going. Meydanlard are. doors're playing and the problems first hand we want to hear."
After his speech with party Gunner chatter, the party posed for a souvenir photo.

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